99 AFSA Nat's Day 1 Photos

Day One, 30 or so photos

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The Opening Introductions

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The "Farmer's Sprint"

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       ? & ? going too fast!              Odd Haugan          Gary Mitchell & Ray Wesolowski

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Gary Mitchell             John Beaty & Mike Gillert        Mark Keshishian
(Gary actually was 3 seconds faster than anyone else at the last turn, but then he triped on the astro turf

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Mark Keshishian  

The "Forward Hold"

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Gary Mitchell & Ray Wesolowski

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         Chad Coy & Michael Boles         Mark Keshishian & Mike Glassman

The "I can't belive it's a Tire-Tire Flip" 1300+ lbs.!!!

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Gary Mitchell & Ray Wesolowski        Chad Coy & Michael Boles          Shawn Smith

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                       Chad Coy              Mark Keshishian just before the bicep rupture

The, What I call, "Push, Load, Push, Load and Push"

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Mark Keshishian

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Odd Haugen

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Mark & Maria                Gary & Amanda         Donna, Mark & Maria

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My Battle scar from the "I can't Belive it's a Tire-Tire Flip"