Reported by: J.V. Askem

Left to Right (standing) Jeff Maddy, Todd Christensen, John Krasinski, Arron Anderton,
Albie Mushaney, Dean Muncey, Michael Kromer. (squatting) Jeff Markoff, Brian Hildebrand

This was the second year for this contest, and originally two weight classes were scheduled. However, only 3 men entered the below 235 lb class, so it was canceled and the two lighter guys (Matt Crosby and Jeff Hoiby) who showed up, competed against the big boys. And as you can see from the above picture, there were some pretty big men.

The Beer Keg Lift.
This event proved very tough. Only 5 of the 14 contestants could get it overhead. The goal was to shoulder this 235 pound keg, filled with water and lead wheel balancing weights, and then press or jerk it overhead for as many reps as possible. Ken Brown of Fresno, CA was the first to succeed, and he finished with 3 reps. That stood as the best effort until Jeff Markoff of Olympia, WA got 9 reps.

1st Jeff Markoff -------9 reps
2nd Ken Brown-------3 reps
3rd Michael Kromer---2 reps
4th Brian Rehberg------1 rep and  Albie Mushanie-----1 rep

The Strict Curl
There was nothing complicated here. All the contestants had to do was lean against the wall and keep their shoulders in contact with the wall at all times while curling for a limit 1 RM. Five hundred plus pound Jeff Maddy from Casper, Wyoming won with a 250 pound effort. Ken Brown was second with 235, and three (Joe Chouinard, Jeff Markoff, Arron Anderton) tied for 3rd with 200.

wpe38137.gif (23700 bytes) wpe45302.gif (17605 bytes)                   wpe09243.gif (20627 bytes) wpe74966.gif (19173 bytes)
Michael Kromer lifts the beer keg twice for 3rd place. Then Jeff Maddy curling 235 and Joe Chouninard curling 200.

The Truck Deadlift
On this event promoter Gus Rethwisch attached a barbell handle onto the bumper of his Chevy S-10 pickup. There was also some weighted objects in the bed. Well, five men tried to lift the truck and all failed. Then Ken Brown became the first to do it and he was followed by several others. Ken was doing well, in a three way tie for 1st, with Dean Muncey from Prineville, OR and Jeff Markoff. However, on his third attempt, with an additional 220 lbs Ken strained a calf muscle. This was because of too much forward lean at the top holding position. He then withdrew from the contest.

1st Jeff Markoff tied with Dean Muncey
3rd Ken Brown
4th Michael Kromer tied with Albie Mushaney

wpe90936.gif (23116 bytes)  wpe39874.gif (19801 bytes)  wpe87840.gif (18162 bytes)
Left to right: Ken Brown, Jeff Markoff, and Dean Muncey

Log Lift For Reps
On this event a 180 pound, very unbalanced, log was to be shouldered once and then pressed or jerked overhead for as many reps as possible. Well the log, that was submerged in the swimming pool over night, probably weighed closer to 200 lbs. Also the handles were very awkward because the clearance around them was too tight. However, even at that, it was a foregone conclusion that Jeff Maddy would win if he could shoulder it. No problem! Jeff got credit for 27 of 30 reps he put up. Jeff Markoff was 2nd with 20 reps.

1st Jeff Maddy
2nd Jeff Markoff
3rd Joe Chouinard
4th Arron Anderton
5th Dean Muncey tied John Krasinski

The Truck Push
Again, nothing complicated! Just push Gus' S-10 up the hill, with about 500 lbs in the back. The fastest guy wins. Dean Muncey was the fastest at 24 seconds. Jeff Markoff was second with 27 seconds and 3rd was Brian Rehberg, who was less than one second behind Jeff.

1st Dean Muncey
2nd Jeff Markoff
3rd Brian Rehberg
4th Joe Chouinard
5th Jeff Maddy
6th Todd Christensen

wpe90855.gif (17340 bytes)   wpe34888.gif (26256 bytes)   wpe52919.gif (20651 bytes)
Dean Muncey and Brain Rehberg on the truck, and John Krasinski with the log.

The Stones
No nicely crafted Atlas Stones here! It appeared all Gus did was collect three nice and heavy specimens from the side of the road. At 249 lbs. 286 lbs, and 302 lbs., these were three of the roughest stones I've seen in a SMC. However, the event was simple! Just carry, roll, kick, or what ever you wanted to do to get them from point A to point B.

1st Dean Muncey
2nd John Krasinski
3rd Joe Chouinard
4th Matt Crosby
5th Jeff Markoff
6th Michael Kromer

The Cable/ Bar Partial Squat
Once again, like last year, the issue of safety arose on the final event! Originally scheduled was a Super Yoke Race. However, there was one problem! No Super Yoke, and the alternative of carrying a 685 lb. barbell was not acceptable to the contestants. So once again, your's truely came to the rescue with an alternative event using my Cable/ Bar System.

To start I measured all the contestants for a 10 inch movement. I then recorded the CBS's adjustment chain setting for each contestant. I would then set that setting according to whose turn it was. This is very simple to do and only took a few seconds to make the changes. The first weight loaded was 800 lbs and no one had trouble squatting up with it. Then the CBS's plate holders were loaded to 910 lbs followed by 1000 lbs. Now, with this much weight, that 10 inch original movement dropped to about 5 to 6 inches because of the barbell's bend and the contestants' bodies sagging under the weight.

1st Jeff Markoff 1200 lbs. (IMO, he was good for 1400 lbs)
1st John Krasinski 1200 lbs.
3rd Joe Chouinard 1110 lbs.

wpe43928.gif (19780 bytes)                     wpe47422.gif (25382 bytes)
Todd Christensen with a stone, and Aaron Anderton does a partial squat with 1000 lbs.
1. Jeff Markoff, Olympia, WA---------88 points
2. Dean Muncey, Prineville, OR-------67
3. Joe Chouinard, Portland, OR-------57.5
4. Brian Rehberg, Richland, WA------56.5
5. Michael Kromer, Kennewick, WA-53
6. Jeff Maddy, Casper, WY----------50.5
7. John Krasinski, Eugene, OR-------49.5
8. Aaron Anderton, Spokane, WA--44.5
9. Ken Brown, Fresno, CA-----------38 (NOTE: withdrew after 3 events)
10. Matt Crosby, Marysville, WA----35.5
11. Todd Christensen, Seattle, WA---35
12. Jeff Hoiby, Marysville, WA-------21
13. Albie Mushaney, Salem, OR------16 (NOTE: did not appear the second day)
14. Brian Hildebrand, Tacoma, WA-----(NOTE: withdrew with an injury)


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