1999 Calgary Strongman Challenge

Results from The 
Calgary Strongman Challenge
            Photos and write up by Dennis Ruygrok

Top three winners in each class: 


Randy Davis - 1st place
Ed Van Hamersveld -2nd place
Geoffrey Dolan - 3rd place!


Mike Miller - 1st place
Dennis Ruygrok - 2nd place
Kevin Tremblay - 3rd place
Yuri Dubowick - 4th place
 Results via Dennis Ruygrok

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CalgaryTireflip.jpg (70257 bytes) 
- Mike Miller is the middleweight winner, he's
flipping a 650lb tire.
 The guy behind him is the heavyweight winner Randy Davis - 5th place in
Canada's strongest man. He's flipping a 950lb tire

CalgaryMe.jpg (88900 bytes)
That's me (Dennis Ruygrok) , pulling my @ss off. Second place in the truck pull.

CalgaryGeoff.jpg (81622 bytes)
Here's 8th place finisher in Canada's strongest man Geoffrey Dolan.
 He's just starting the last event - medley. He's carrying a 330lb steel
block like the one's in wsm power stairs.


CalgaryYuri.jpg (62803 bytes)
Middleweight Yuri Dubowick (former Olympic lifter), beside him is
heavyweight Eddy Van Hamersveld from Holland, Runner-up in the Calgary
Strongman Challenge and runner-up in the '96 Holland's Strongest Man.

CalgaryHwwinn~1.jpg (70648 bytes)
The Heavy winners, 1st Place Randy Davis (left) and runner-up Eddy Van

CalgaryMwwinn~1.jpg (61353 bytes)
Middleweight winners: Mike Miller 1st place (at a bw of 208 this guy has
squatted 743, and dl's 705). No wonder he won! Runner-up - Me (Dennis
I was VERY pleased. I lost 12 pounds throughout the last 10 days prior to
the comp, due to all the stress of the objects getting made, shirts,
sponsors...list goes on and on. I'm usually not THAT skinny. I've gained 6
pounds since the comp. Thank God! 
Your friend, Dennis R

The photos in this article are Copyright 1999 Dennis Ruygrok, All rights reserved
10/29/99, 9:25pm,EST