JUNE 27, 1999

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I tied for 6th out of 24, due to body weight, I actually came in 10th. Should have done better, and could have done better, but there will be a next time.

All and all, for a smaller contest, it ran pretty well. And apparently much much better than last years event. There was a little judging inconsistency on the forward hold that was remedied.

I will get the actual results up as soon as possible, and get up more photos. These few were taken with my digital camera.

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Chad, Justin,?,                         Mark, second time around,    Bronze Statues in York's lobby  Mark, Last event, Medley
Staz, Gary, Lester, Mark        Forward Hold, 65lbs, 38sec                                                      Loading. 41sec

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Mark, Last event, Medley             same                            Mark showing          Mark and Wife Maria 
Loading. 41sec                                                                 poor form on the truck
                                                                                         pull, too high

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"Staz" on the                 Mark on the illfated farmer's   "Staz" doing well in the loading, till    Mark on the truck pull
truck pull                        walk                                        the last item, the sand bag                 too high

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Mark, second item in the loading           Mark, third item                  Mark, the last item loaded!

York Points
York Write-Up