This years event took place at the Duck-In Restaurant here in Va. Beach, VA. We had a total of 20 competitors. The competitors came from all over , including Hawaii, Virginia , Delaware , Massachusetts, North Carolina , and Pennsylvania. They competed in six events, which included the Truck Pull , the Tire Flip , the Log Lift , the Farmers Hold , the Crucifix Hold and the Stone Load. We also had two weight classes, 224 lbs and below was the lightweight class, and 225 lbs and above was the heavy weight class.

Event: #1. The Stretched Hummer/Truck Pull: That's right a fully functional stretched Hummer Limousine. James Henning of 5 Star Limousines donated his time and his Hummer to be pulled by the competitors. The weight of the vehicle came in right about 12,000 pounds, a little light for some strongman competitions. Also James lowered the tire pressure from 40 psi. down to 25 psi. which made it a little more difficult to break and pull. There was no starting block for this truck pull , but each competitor put forth their best effort.

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The harness's used were from Ironmind. They held up, the way that they were designed to.
First up was the lightweight class, they had to pull the vehicle 60 feet, with a 90 sec. Time limit.
If they were unsuccessful , then a measurement was taken for the distanced pulled. The heavy class had to pull the Hummer 80 feet, with a 90 sec. Time limit. We only had three competitors that were unsuccessful pulls, and they were in the light class. The heavy competitors were all successful pulls.

  • Results of the truck pull:
    • Light weight class:                                         Heavy weight class:
    • Tony Harris 24.27 sec. 1st  John Perry 24.99 sec. 1st
      Joseph Marino 31.86 sec. 2nd Chris Brooks 26.44 sec. 2nd
      Kevin Irvin 32.31 sec. 3rd Walter Gogola 28.40 sec. 3rd
      Joshua Thamarus 34.39 sec. 4th  Scott Major 28.68 sec. 4th
      Harley Davidson 35.37 sec. 5th Eric Milliken 30.70 sec. 5th
      Scott Goldy 42.09 sec. 6th  Paul Sokolfski 33.13 sec. 6th
      Jeff Hyatt 67.13 sec. 7th  Mark Kubitsky 35.96 sec. 7th
      Benjamin Luster 3' Pulled 8th  Daniel Jay 42.52 sec. 8th
      Kevin Garrett 2' Pulled 9th  Dan Matici 46.71 sec. 9th
      Broderick Chavez 1' Pulled 10th James Greene 24.60 sec. 

Each competitor found the best way to pull this vehicle was to stay low and build up speed and then try to run with it.

Event: #2. The Tire Flip: Kramer Tire donated the tires for this event. Both tires had to be flipped over an 80 foot course, with a 90 sec. Time limit. If the competitor was unsuccessful, than a measurement was taken. The lightweights had a 485 lb tire and the heavyweights had a 575 lb tire. The lightweights were all successful with their tire. Probably a little too light. The heavyweights had just a little bit more trouble.

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  • Results of the tire flip:
    • Light weight class:                                        Heavy Weight class:
      Tony Harris 31.67 sec. 1st John Perry 49.80 sec. 1st
      Harley Davidson 31.84 sec. 2nd  Walter Gogola 59.92 sec. 2nd
      Kevin Irvin 32.54 sec. 3rd  Scott Major 60.04 sec. 3rd
      Joseph Marino 33.35 sec. 4th  Eric Milliken 60.26 sec. 4th
      Joshua Thamarus 33.88 sec. 5th Chris Brooks 65.24 sec. 5th
      Kevin Garrett 37.09 sec. 6th  Mark Kubitsky 73.66 sec. 6th
      Jeff Hyatt 38.74 sec. 7th Daniel Jay 75'00" 7th
      Broderick Chavez 38.99 sec. 8th  Paul Sokolfski 49'04" 8th
      Scott Goldy 43.23 sec. 9th  Dan Matici 46'07" 9th
      Benjamin Luster 44.82 sec. 10th  James Greene 68'02' --

Event: #3. The Log Lift: Sponsored by The Center For Health. We had two logs for this event, an actual wooden log and a new steel log. The wooden weighed in at 125 lbs. The steel log weighed in at 240 lbs. The logs had to be lifted from the ground and then pressed overhead. Each competitor had to show control, and the arms had to be locked. The light class started 185 lbs. The heavy class started with 240 lbs. Each competitor could pass on any attempts, but they were only given three attempts total. If they were successful with the weight, that counted as an attempt. The competitor would then have two attempts remaining. If he was not successful, he then could take that weight again, after everyone had a go at that weight. There was also a 90 sec, time limit in this event. Once his attempts were used, he was then given a score for the highest successful attempt. Who ever had the highest successful attempt , won. In case of a tie , who ever had the fewest attempts, and the highest successful attempt, then won. In other words strategy and listening in the rules briefing was the key in this event.

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  • Results of the log lift:
    • Light weight class:                                        Heavy weight class:
      Tony Harris 265 lbs. 1st  Walter Gogola 300 lbs. 1st
      Joseph Marino 265 lbs. 2nd  John Perry 300 lbs. 2nd
      Jeff Hyatt 245 lbs. 3rd  Eric Milliken 280 lbs. 3rd
      Broderick Chavez 225 lbs. 4th Scott Major 280 lbs. 3rd
      Harley Davidson 205 lbs. 5th Paul Sokolfski 280 lbs. 4th
      Kevin Garrett 205 lbs. 6th  Chris Brooks 260 lbs. 5th
      Benjamin Luster 205 lbs 6th  Daniel Jay ---------- 6th
      Scott Goldy 185 lbs. 7th  Mark Kubitsky ---------- 6th
      Joshua Thamarus 185 lbs. 7th Dan Matici ---------- 6th
      Kevin Irvin 185 lbs. 7th  James Greene 320 lbs --

Both Erik Milliken and Daniel Jay were injured in this event , both with minor pec tears, Erik chose not to finish the contest as were Daniel did complete the contest.


Event: #4. The Farmers Hold: Sponsored by A&D Services Inc. and Cast Stone Inc. Two oxygen cylinders, with handles and that were filled with concrete. Hd to be picked up from the ground and held onto as long as possible. The competitor had to stand erect with shoulders back. The light weight class had two hundred pounds per hand and the heavy class had two hundred and fifty pounds per hand. This was all grip and back strength.

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  • Results from the farmers hold:
    • Light weight class:                                        Heavy weight class:
      Tony Harris 72.94 sec. 1st  John Perry 50.64 sec. 1st
      Harley Davidson 68.44 sec. 2nd  Scott Major 44.49 sec. 2nd
      Kevin Irvin 63.07 sec. 3rd  Walter Gogola 38.28 sec. 3rd
      Joseph Marino 51.81 sec. 4th Chris Brooks 22.63 sec. 4th
      Benjamin Luster 51.21 sec. 5th  Daniel Jay 16.91 sec. 5th
      Joshua Thamarus 47.94 sec. 6th Paul Sokolfski 09.88 sec. 6th
      Scott Goldy 41.81 sec. 7th  Mark Kubitsky 00.00 sec. 7th
      Kevin Garrett 30.83 sec. 8th  Dan Matici 00.00 sec. 7th
      Broderick Chavez 38.47 sec. 9th  Erik Milliken Injured --
      Jeff Hyatt 24.07 sec. 10th  James Greene 47.78 sec. --


Event: #5. The Crucifix Hold: Sponsored by Flex Gym. Two Bistar dumbbells had to be raised away from the body and held on to for time. The arms had to be reasonably locked , and the competitors were not allowed to raise them or lower them in a flapping motion. Who ever held them out the longest won. The light class had to hold onto 20 lbs. Per hand. While the heavy class had to hold onto 25 lbs. Per hand.

  • Results from the Crucifix Hold:
    • Light weight Class:                                       Heavy weight class:
      Tony Harris 73.60 sec. 1st John Perry 48.75 sec. 1st
      Benjamin Luster 59.52 sec. 2nd Scott Major 40.78 sec. 2nd
      Joseph Marino 58.71 sec. 3rd  Daniel Jay 37.87 sec. 3rd
      Jeff Hyatt 57.77 sec. 4th Chris Brooks 37.07 sec. 4th
      Kevin Garrett 53.96 sec. 5th  Paul Sokolfski 35.77 sec. 5th
      Kevin Irvin 52.26 sec. 6th  Walter Gogola 31.24 sec. 6th
      Broderick Chavez 50.17 sec. 7th  Mark Kubitsky 29.72 sec. 7th
      Scott Goldy 47.67 sec. 8th  Dan Matici 09.92 sec. 8th
      Harley Davidson 47.17 sec. 9th  Erik Milliken Injured --
      Joshua Thamarus 30.17 sec. 10th James Greene 36.95 sec. --

Event: #6. The Stone Load: Sponsored by Mighty Microhydrin and Cast Stone Inc. Round Mcglashen type stones had to be loaded onto platforms. The stones ranged from 195 lbs. To 295 lbs. The platforms were at two different heights . The two lighter stones were loaded onto 51" high platforms as were the three heavier stones were loaded onto a 44" high platform. The light class had to load the first thru fourth stone , as were the heavy class had to load all five of the stones. Each competitor was given a score for the amount of stones loaded and the time in which they did load the stones. Who ever had the fastest time , in loading their number of stones , won for placing. In case of a tie , depending on were the competitor dropped the last stone, then a measurement was taken for that competitor. The Measurement was taken from the starting point of that particular stone and measured to the edge of the platform. There was also a 90 sec. Time limit for this event.

Image0005.gif (226634 bytes)

  • Results from the Stone Load:
    • Light weight class:                                             Heavy weight class:
      Harley Davidson 4 stones loaded 38.63 sec. 1st

      Tony Harris 4 stones loaded 43.10 sec. 2nd

      Kevin Irvin 3 stones loaded 20.99 sec. 3rd

      Joseph Marino 3 stones loaded 22.13 sec. 4th

      Joshua Thamarus 3 stones loaded 40.71 sec. 5th

      Jeff Hyatt 3 stones loaded 56.34 sec. 6th

      Broderick Chavez 2 stones loaded 16.77 sec. 7th

      Kevin Garrett 2 stones loaded 18.23 sec. 8th

      Scott Goldy 2 stones loaded 49.99 sec. 9th

      Benjamin Luster 1 stone loaded 30.07 sec. 10th


      John Perry 4 stones loaded 33.23 sec. 1st

      Walter Gogola 4 stones loaded 77.72 sec. 2nd

      Scott Major 3 stones loaded 39.64 sec. 3rd

      Chris Brooks 3 stones loaded 41.07 sec. 4th

      Daniel Jay 3 stones loaded 60.68 sec. 5th

      Mark Kubitsky 2 stones loaded 31.08 sec. 6th

      Dan Matici 2 stones loaded 60.96 sec. 7th

      Paul Sokolfski 0 stones loaded 00.00 sec. 8th

      Erik Milliken 0 stones loaded injured --

      James Greene 3 stones loaded 35.16 sec. --


Final point standings:

Light weight class:

Tony Harris 1st Place 59 pts.

Joseph Marino 2nd Place 46 pts.

Harley Davidson 3rd Place 42 pts.

Kevin Irvin 4th Place 38 pts.

Jeff Hyatt 5th place 30 pts.


Heavy weight class:

John Perry 1st Place 59 pts.

Walter Gogola 2nd Place 49 pts.

Scott Major 3rd Place 48.5 pts.

Chris Brooks 4th Place 42 pts.

Daniel Jay 5th Place 27 pts.

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I would like to thank all that participated in this years contest and I am looking for more competitors next year. 

Thank you and train hard.
James Green