by JV Askem

July 22nd, 2000 St Louis. MO.
Reported by: J.V. Askem

wpe46931.gif (32488 bytes) wpe60189.gif (29926 bytes) wpe88594.gif (32109 bytes)
Left: The winner, Brian Schoonveld on the truck pull.
Middle: Phil Pfister, 2nd place pulling the sled.
Right: Whit Baskin, 3rd place cleaning the log.
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Left: Johnny Perry, 4th rolls the first car.
Middle: Odd Haugen, 5th lifts the back of the S-10
Right: Ken Brown, 6th cleans the log.
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Left: Chad Smith places 7th as a last minute replacement.
Middle: Karl Gillingham, 8th lifting the first stone (245 lbs.)
Right: Chad Coy, 9th pulling the truck.
wpe96852.gif (26431 bytes) wpe80765.gif (29359 bytes) wpe71022.gif (21588 bytes)
Left: Tom Shields, 10th
Middle: Co Promoter, Pat Rankin, 11th
Right: John Beatty, 12th
wpe43888.gif (38401 bytes) wpe29696.gif (28048 bytes)
Left: Bryan Neese, 13th.        Right: Shawn Smith, 14th.
wpe12247.gif (23906 bytes)      wpe95394.gif (24060 bytes)
Left: Vae Mafuli, 15th      Right: Mark Keshishian, 16th

wpe12118.gif (36898 bytes)
      Two of the men that really count in American strongman!
Jim Davis on the left, promoter of The Showdown and
Odd Haugen on the right, promoter of the Beauty and the Beast.

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Rick Fowler, on the right, interviews Phil Pfister after Phil became
the only contestant to finish the truck pull.

The Events
The Log lift for reps, 253 lbs. (60 second time limit)
1st: Brian Schoonveld-----------------------------11 reps
2nd: (tie) Whit Baskin and Chad Smith with 10 reps
4th: Johnny Perry------------------------------------8 reps
5th: (tie) Odd Haugen, Phil Pfister,
               Bryan Neese, and Shawn Smith------7 reps

Stones, lift up onto a 54" stand. 245, 265, 290, 330, and 385 lbs. (90 second time limit)
1st: Whit Baskin--------------21.83 seconds, all 5 stones
2nd: Karl Gillingham---------27.75 seconds, all 5 stones
3rd: Brian Schoonveld-------27.85 seconds, all 5 stones
4th: Odd Haugen--------------29.09 seconds, all 5 stones
5th: Phil Pfister----------------32.03 seconds, all 5 stones

Drag and Carry, a 850 lbs. sled 60 feet, then lift and carry an S-10 pickup
and push like a wheel barrow. (2 minute time limit)
1st: Johnny Perry-----------------1 min 27.17 sec.
2nd: Brian Schoonveld-----------1 min 33.51 sec.
3rd: Odd Haugen------------------1 min 35.52 sec.
4th: Phil Pfister--------------------1 min 54.04 sec.
5th: Ken Brown--------------------115 feet 11 inches

Car Roll, roll 3 Ford Escorts onto their sides (60 second time limit)
1st: Phil Pfister--------------------17.55 seconds
2nd: Johnny Perry----------------17.85 seconds
3rd: Whit Baskin------------------18.26 seconds
4th: Tom Shields------------------19.10 seconds
5th: Brian Schoonveld-----------19.33 seconds
6th: Chad Smith-------------------20.25 seconds
7th: Pat Rankin--------------------20.60 seconds
8th: Odd Haugen------------------20.74 seconds
9th: Chad Coy----------------------22.14 seconds
NOTE: This was the event that made or broke several contestants chances!
When you look at how close the times are, you can see why.

Truck Pull with a pull rope and harness, a 30, 000 lbs beer truck, 80 feet.
(90 second time limit)
1st: Phil Pfister----------------------41.69 seconds. (the only contestant to finish)
2nd; Odd Haugen-------------------79 feet 11 inches ( he only needed 1" more)
3rd: Brian Schoonveld-------------79 feet 10 inches
4th: John Perry----------------------76 feet 10 inches
5th: Whit Baskin--------------------76 feet 9 inches

Final Results
Brian Schoonveld- 71
Phil Pfister---------- 67.5 Higher placings
Whit Baskin-------- 67.5
Johnny Perry------- 64
Odd Haugen-------- 61.5
Ken Brown---------- 46
Chad Smith--------- 44.5
Karl Gillingham---- 44
Chad Coy------------ 43
Tommy Shields----- 35
Pat Rankin---------- 32
John Beatty--------- 28
Bryan Neese------- 27.5
Shawn Smith-------- 24.5
Vae Mafuli----------- 13
Mark Keshishian--- 11