2000 Midwest Muscle

Midwest Muscle Classic 2000

Saturday, May 13th  

By Jon Riggs
A&K sports competition article

          Thanks to A&K Sports Nutrition out of Wausau, Wisconsin for putting on this well organized event which was held at the Lake of the Torches casino on the Lac Du Flambeau Indian Reservation in Northern Wisconsin.  The events took place on Saturday, May 13th.  The strongman competition took place outdoors and started at 9:30 a.m.  There was also a body building show in the evening that had a few dozen entrants.  This is the same organization that had KAZ at last years show.  This years exhibition at the beginning of the body building show was a BIG BENCH competition with the grand prize being a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.  The winner of the BIG BENCH was 5’-7” tall and weighed in at 217 lbs.  He proceeded to put up 640 lbs.  This was quite a feat of pressing prowess.

            ……….back to the Strongman competition.  The temperature was 43 degrees and the humidity was 100%.  Yep, it was raining!  The first event was the tire toss over a steel bar that was 12 ft. in the air.  We were forced to use the over the head technique which is similar to the keg toss.  The tires varied from a 12lb. motorcycle tire to a 62lb. semi truck tire.  You got to toss until you accumulated two misses.   The results are below.

            Tire Toss;

                        womens light: 12 lb. tire            womens heavy: 18lb. tire

                        mens light: 28 lb. tire                 mens middle: 32 lb. tire

                        mens heavy: Dutch got the tall 42 lb. tire up for 1st

                                             Jon got the 32 lb. tire up for 2nd

                                             Rick got the 32 lb. tire up for 2nd

                                             Don got the 28 lb. tire up for 3rd


            The second event was the arm over arm pull for 75 feet.  A 7/8 diameter manilla rope was used.  The women and the men’s light weight had to pull a Chevy S-10.  The men’s middle weight pulled a Chevy ton.  The men’s heavy weight pulled a Chevy ton extended cab with 1,000 extra lbs. in the bed.  The ton rolled a lot easier than the ton.  There was a 2 minute time limit.  The results are below.

            Arm over Arm;

                        womens light: 23ft.                    womens heavy: 71ft.

                        mens light: 1 min. 15 sec.          mens middle: 35 sec.

                        mens heavy: Dutch in 1 min. 35 sec. for 1st

                                             Jon in 1 min. 54 sec. for 2nd

                                             Rick pulled it 52 ft. for 3rd


            The third event was the water barrel press.  A 55 gallon plastic drum was used.  It had to be locked out overhead.  Whomever got the most water up was the winner.  There was a 1min. time limit on each attempt.  The results are below.

            Water barrel press;

                        womens light: 2.5 gallons           womens heavy: 2.5 gallons

                        mens light: 6 gallons                  mens middle: 8 gallons

                        mens heavy: Don got 12 gallons for 1st

                                             Rick got 11 gallons for 2nd

                                             Dutch got 11 gallons for 2nd

                                             Jon got 10 gallons for 3rd


            The fourth event was the Farmers walk/run for time in 75 ft.  Milk cans were used as the apparati.  The cans were filled with rock and 5 lb. weights to get the respective weights.  The women had to carry 50 lbs. in each hand.  Men’s light weight had 115 lbs. in  each hand.  Men’s middle weight had 125 lbs. in each hand.  Men’s heavy had 150 lbs. in each hand.  The results are below.

            Farmers walk;

                        womens light: 17 sec.                womens heavy:  19 sec.

                        mens light: 7 sec.                       mens middle: 9 sec.

                        mens heavy: Dutch had 9.4 sec. for 1st

                                             Jon had 13.1 sec. for 2nd

                                             Don had 13.9 sec. for 3rd


            The final event was the speed and strength relay.  There was a 3 min. time limit.  The women and mens light weight had to push the S-10 75 ft. and flip a 200 lb. tire 75 ft.  The mens middle had to push the ton 75 ft. and flip a 500 lb. tire 75 ft.  The mens heavy weight had to push the ton 75 ft. and flip a 700 lb. tire 75 ft.  The results are below.


                        womens light: 2 min. 43 sec.                  womens heavy: 2min 17 sec.

                        mens light: 1min. 30 sec.                       mens middle: 45 ft. on the tire flip

                        mens heavy: Jon got it in 2 min. 20 sec. for 1st

                                             Dutch got it in 2 min. 55 sec. for 2nd

                                             Rick flipped the tire 52 ft. for 3rd


                Overall heavy weight standings:  First went to Dutch, Second went to Jon, Third went to Rick.


Even though the weights seemed light, it allowed us to push ourselves to our cardio limit.  All of us were exhausted by the days end and we managed to shut down the all you can eat buffet in the casino. 



            Jon(6’-2” & 290 lbs.), Dutch(6’-5” & 280 lbs.) & Rick(6’-4” & 270 lbs.)