THE 2001 Beauty and the Beast Women by JV Askem

THE 2001 B & B
Women's Strength and Fitness

June 2nd, 2001 at Andrews Amphitheater University of Hawaii
Reported by J.V. Askem
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The Winner, Julie Havelka is celebrated with a dance.
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Left: 2nd place, Debbie Bullman on the Conan's Wheel
Center: 3rd place, Kathy Schoonveld
Right: 4th place, Lyn Silbert on the Farmers Walk

The format consisted of three strength events, then an obstacle course. The first event was the Farmers walk with two 120 lb Mastiff handles for half the circle of the amphitheater (about 180 feet). Julie Havelka easily won with 15 seconds.

The second event was was the Conan's Wheel (about 300 lbs) for maximum distance. Lyn Silbert won with over 3 full revolutions. The third event, the Deadlift for reps with the Wheel Barrow (about 300 lbs) was also won by Lyn Silbert with 28 reps. Julie Havekla was second with 24 reps.

Fitness specialist Debbie Bullman won the obstacle course with a time under 40 seconds. The course started with a series of tires. Then the contestants had to scale a wall, run over and transverse some monkey bars. Then down some stairs to a hurdle, crawl through a short tunnel. Then a second hurdle and another short tunnel. Finally making a dash up the stadium stairs.

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Left: Julie Havelka runs through the tires.
Center: Erica Neese climbs the wall.
Right: Lisa Kromer on the monkey bars.

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LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Jacobson, Jennifer Aylward, Kim Coy
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Lisa Kromer                         Erica Neese

1. Julie Havelka, Portland, Oregon
2. Debbie Bullman, Honolulu, Hawaii
3. Kathy Schoonveld, Demotte, Indiana
4. Lyn Silbert, Honolulu, Hawaii
5. Julie Scanlon, Glenburnie, Maryland
6. Mary Jacobson, Alameda, California
7. Jennifer Aylward, Columbus, Ohio
8. Kim Coy, Kokomo, Indiana
9. Lisa Kromer, Kennewick, Washington
10. Erica Neese, Brownsburg, Indiana