2001 Budweiser Northeast Strongman Showdown

Budweiser Northeast Strongman Showdown

Date: February 17th, 2001
Place: Shriner's Auditorium
99 Fordham Road
Wilmington, MA 01810

Here are the Pro scores:

Team Totals: (Low point wins)

USA 315.5
International 314.5

Professional Results Overall: (Low point wins)

1) Svend Karlsen - Norway 17.5 Points
2) Hugo Girard - Canada 22
3) Brian Schoonveld - USA 24
4) Travis Lyndon - Canada 26.5
5) Phil Pfister - USA 38
6) Chad Coy - USA 42.5
7) Bryan Neese - USA 45
8) Bruce Tessier - USA 48.5
9) Sami Heinonen - Finland 52.5
10) Walt Gogola - USA 54.5
11) Gary Mitchell - USA 63
12) Ed Brost - Canada 63.5
13) Glenn Ross - N. Ireland 64.5
14) Jamie Barr - Scotland 68

Professional Farmer’s Walk

1) Phil Pfister 26.2 seconds
2) Brian Schoonveld 26.9
3) Hugo Girard 27.2
4) Sami Heinonen 182’
5) Svend Karlsen 178’
6) Travis Lyndon 158’
7) Brian Neese 157’6"
8) Chad Coy 151’
9) Walt Gogola 133’
10) Glenn Ross 99’6"
11) Jamie Barr 91’
12) Gary Mitchell 80’ 9"
13) Ed Brost 79’
14) Bruce Tessier 70’


Viking Press

1) Hugo Girard 21 reps
2) Brian Schoonveld 19
3) Bryan Neese 14
4) tie - Svend Karlsen
Travis Lyndon 13
5) tie - Chad Coy
Walt Gogola 11
6) tie - Ed Brost
Bruce Tessier 10
7) tie - Phil Pfister
Gary Mitchell 9
8) tie - Sami Heinonen
Glenn Ross 8
9) Jamie Barr 5


Professional Tire Flip

1) Svend Karlsen 47.8 seconds
2) Bruse Tessier 55.47
3) Travis Lyndon 56.27
4) Hugo Girard 57.1
5) Jamie Barr 58.76
6) Chad Coy 1:02.7
7) Bryan Neese 1:11.75
8) Sami Heinonen 1:23.7
9) Brian Schoonveld 1:24.08
10) Walt Gogola 1:30
11) Ed Brost 99’
12) tie - Gary Mitchell 98
Phil Pfister 98’
14) Glenn Ross 95’ 2"


Professional Atlas Stones

1) Svend Karlsen 5 stones @ 27.90
2) Travis Lyndon 5 @ 30.64
3) Chad Coy 5 @ 36.62
4) Bruce Tessier 5 @ 39.09
5) Brian Schoonveld 5 @ 39.24
6) Gary Mitchell 5 @ 40.08
7) Phil Pfister 5 @ 44.53
8) Sami Heinonen 5 @ 45.44
9) Walt Gogola 5 @ 56.09
10) Hugo Girard 4 @ 27.85
11) Glenn Ross 4 @ 40.12
12) Ed Brost 4 @ 44.43
13) Jamie Barr 3 @ 30.29
14) Bryan Neese DNF*

* Bryan was given an extra turn after a timing error. On his second attempt, he failed to load the third stone. No times were kept for less than 3 stones. On his first turn, which was negated by his decision to go again, he loaded the first 4 stones.

Professional Super Yoke

1) Svend Karlsen 16.0 seconds
2) Brian Schoonveld 18.80
3) Hugo Girard 20.0
4) Phil Pfister 29.9
5) Ed Brost 30.41
6) Chad Coy 34.2
7) Bryan Neese 44.43
8) Glenn Ross 56.5
9) Travis Lyndon 85’8"
10) Walt Gogola 76’3"
11) Gary Mitchell 75’2"
12) Bruce Tessier 32’5"
13) Jamie Barr 19’3"
14) Sami Heinonen 10’5"


Truck Pull

1) Hugo Girard 45.08 seconds
2) Travis Lyndon 45.74
3) Phil Pfister 46.03
4) Brian Schoonveld 50.74
5) Svend Karlsen 55.24
6) Sami Heinonen 58.56
7) Bryan Neese 1:06.15
8) Bruce Tessier 1:06.20
9) Glenn Ross 1:07.84
10) Walt Gogola 1:13.45
11) Gary Mitchell 1:15.32
12) Jamie Barr 1:19.06
13) Chad Coy 1:29.49
14) Ed Brost 98’



On February 17th, 2001 at the Shriner’s Auditorium, 14 of the strongest men in the world will gather for the Budweiser Northeast Strongman Showdown.  The gathering will represent the most competitive strength contest on US soil since the World’s Strongest Man contest in 1997 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

USA vs. The World.  To add to the competitive atmosphere, the contest will be set up to feature a 7-man American team competing against a 7-man International team. These athletes will be competing for over $9,000 in prize money.  The events will be; a 650 pound Farmer’s Walk, a 325 pound Viking Press, a 900 pound tire flip, and famous Atlas Stones, an 800 pound Super Yoke Carry and a 30,000 pound truck pull.  These events are some of the heaviest ever contested.

  The contest will also showcase a large field of some of the top amateur competitors in the US with contestants coming from as far away as California.  Scheduled to compete in the Professional Division are: Svend Karlsen - Norway, Phil Pfister - USA, Hugo Girard - Canada, Brian Schoonveld - USA, Sami Heinonen - Finland, Bryan Neese - USA, Glenn Ross - N. Ireland, Gary Mitchell - USA, Jamie Barr - Scotland, Chad Coy - USA, Ed Brost - Canada, Walt Gogola - USA, Travis Lyndon - Canada and Bruce Tessier - USA.

Time: the amateur competition starts at 10:00am and the Pros will start at approx. 4:00pm

The pros are pretty much the same is below, with the exception of the stones, super yoke and truck pull events.

Amateur competition:

This event description will also be the order in which the events will be run. The numbers after each event represent the weight that will be used for each weight class light/middle/heavy.

The surface is concrete. It is not brushed smooth, but does have some slick spots. Bring a variety of rubber soled shoes to be prepared.

1) Farmer's walk: 200 feet, no turns, best time. 75 second time limit. You CANNOT touch the weights down. If they are dropped, the distance will be measured to the furthest point of contact of the front bumper plate. No tacky or straps. Chalk only. We will run two athletes at a time. We will be running guys from each end of the 200 foot straightaway to save time. (225/250/275)

2) Log Press: Max reps. 75 second time limit. This is the only event with I suspect will have any controversy. You must touch your chest or shoulders between each rep. No Partial reps will be counted. You must lock your arms overhead for every rep. You must 'push the head through'. That is, reps will NOT be counted if you are leaning back like the old Olympic Press movement. The ears must be in line with the arms each rep. We will have experienced judging for this one. Not to worry. An audible signal will be given for each rep to let you know if it is counted. You may push press, split jerk, whatever it takes as long as the above criteria are met. You may put the log down if necessary. Wraps are allowed, but if the elbows are wrapped you must demonstrate that you can lock your arms out to the judges prior to starting. No straps on the log for safety purposes. (175,200,225)

3) Tire Flip. Everyone will go 100 feet. The heavyweights will use a 850# tire and the other classes a 750# tire. The tire will start in a standing position. It must brake the plane of the finish line to stop the clock. 75 second time limit. I will have exact details on the dimensions of the tire soon. I am working this out with the Sponsor now. (850,750)

4) Altas Stones: 5 stones, 75 second time limit, 48 inch platforms. The platforms will be layed out in a semi-circle about 10-15 feet apart. The stones will be set in front of the platforms. Both the stones and platforms will be sitting on rubber matting, so watch your step running between platforms. Tacky and arm pads allowed. Stones must remain on the platform under control. Spotters will not save them for you. You must go in ascending order.(200, 220,242,264,286/220,242,264,286,308/242,264,286,308,330)

5)Medley: 100 feet pushing a Humvee, 100 feet dragging a 400# chain backwards, and 180# keg carry. 90 second time limit. NOTE:We have changed to a keg for logical reasons. The sandbag would not last.


listing of amateur competitors:

Lightweight (up to 200 pounds):
Knut Bjorvatn
Eugene Marsolais
Frank Wilamoski
Peter Fernandez
Kevin Nowak
Steven Reynolds
Dave Rose
Scott Goldy
Scott Regan
Jon Havens
Robert Schnell
Middleweight  (201-250)
Dave Barron
Nick Biello
Scott Calander
Don Stewart
Kevin Irwin
Bob Jodoin
Kirk Nowak
Kevin Fernandez
Ross Baker
Dana Taylor
Chris Ronson
Nick Osborne
Ken McCrossen
Heavyweight (251 and over)
Chris Doyle
Dana Florence
Damond James
Gerard Benderoth
Daniel Jaye
Harley Davidson
Ron Slusarski
Paul Becker
Matt Jurkoic
Tim Ramey
Jon Riggs
Scott O'Conner
Jared Spybrook
Derek Hurley
Charlie Kaptor
Dan Ford


Here is where you will need the good shoes. Just like the tire, you must break the plane of the finish line with the vehicle to start and complete the course. The chain must be pulled backwards, no turning around. You must use the handles specified. The keg can be shouldered. Dropping any implement does not stop the clock. We will be doing this event from both directions for obvious time reasons.

Parking is free.

Directions: Interstate 93 is the major highway running through Boston. From the South, get on Rt 93 going North. Travel North of Boston approx. 15 miles. Take exit 39 and take a right at the end of the ramp. You will see a sign for the Auditorium and the contest itself on RT 93. Your first right will be Fordham Road. Go to the end of this road. That's it.

If you are coming in from RT 495, you will get onto RT 93 going South. Take exit 39 from RT 93S and you just circle around under the highway then go left onto Fordham Road. If you are coming in from the Mass Pike, RT 95 or RT 128, You will get on 93 North when you intersect with it and look for exit 39.

Call (978)657-4202 for recorded directions

Tickets: cost $10.00. They will be available at the door or in advance by calling the same number as above. GROUP RATES NOW AVAILABLE! If you have a group of 20 or more, you can call the number above and get the tickets for $8.00 each. They will have the details there. Great for gyms, schools, etc.

Hotel information: The Howard Johnson's has agreed to extend the competitor's rate to spectators as well. If you ask for the "Strongman Contest" rate you will get a room for $60.00. If you split this with someone, that's a pretty decent deal. Call (781)935-8160
This hotel is just a couple of exits South on RT 93 from the Auditorium.

There will be full concessions at this event. Burgers, hot dogs, soda, etc. and of course, Bud on tap. They are the sponsor after all...