April 6th, 2002
At: The Franklin County Fair Grounds
Columbus, Ohio
Reported By: J.V. Askem

wpe95825.gif (31477 bytes)   wpe13805.gif (35880 bytes)
Left: Phil Pfister flips the 1100 lb tire on his way to victory.
Right: Runner up Jesse Marunde winning The Medley,
which consisted of an 800lb Yoke Walk, 600lb Sled Drag, and
Loading five Kegs 180, 210, 230, 250, and 250lbs.
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3rd Travis Lindon, Canada/ 4th Jamie Aszines, Canada/ 5th Karl Gillingham
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6th Walt Gogola                       7th Don Pope              8th Jesse Paulin, Canada
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9th Odd Haugen, Norway           10th Brett Latta              11th   Grant Higa
wpe74509.gif (25161 bytes) wpe51445.gif (26244 bytes) wpe74920.gif (25928 bytes)
Kathy Schoonveld     Josee Morneau, Canada     Jennifer Awlward
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Left: Lightweight, Brad Pitt
Right: Heavyweight, Ryan Green, Canada
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Middleweight: Chris Ronson

**** Excellent
  *** Better than OK
   ** Just OK
     * Poor

1. Equipment and Implements: (****). The Logs, Yokes, Farmers Handles, Fingal Fingers showed the finest craftsmanship, and the Heusefeldt Stones were exceptional. The pro Tire Flip was the best I've ever seen! Two 1,100 pounders. Although Phil Pfister dominated, no one finished the course, and 2nd through 5th place was separated by inches. A true strongman event, not a track meet with weights.

2. The Venue: Not good! (**). The only good thing here was there was plenty of room. The unseasonably low temperatures (15 degrees below Columbus' normal) didn't help in the unheated building. And the dirt floor created too much dust from tires flipping and fingers dropping. This was a definite respiratory hazard and was not conducive for spectators. In the future this facility should be kept for the hoofed competitors only.

NOTE: One must be critical here, because it should be known that negations are in the works for a possible 5 contest TV production, with the four qualifiers and the Nationals. This could happen as early as next year, but such a deal would be in jeopardy if the contests are held in unheated horse barns.

3. Support Staff: (***). Events were set up well with no delays. Good job guys. Also, a first rate job of MC'ing the show by Brian Schoonveld.

4. Officiating: (**). Somewhat wishy washy! It's OK to change the rules because of equipment failures or venue problems, like canceling the Truck Pull due to the uneven floor surface.

However, competitors should not be allowed to vote because they don't like something about an event. Their only vote should be whether they wish to enter the contest or not. Changing the Log Lift rules to allow belt support continentals, when the published rules opposed this for months, was very unprofessional. The irony here was the winner of this event, Jesse Marunde, only wore a velcro back support.

Also, as an old Olympic lifting referee, I can say that some of the Log Lift officiating was sub par! You don't give a guy a "down" signal and then disallow his rep telling him his feet weren't right, or that the weight wasn't under control. A "DOWN" signal signifies to the contestant that his lift or rep is good.

However, the topper of all waffling was the changing of the rules after an event had started!!! Namely the loading of Kegs in NO SPECIFIC ORDER for the first few guys, but then changing it to A LIGHT TO HEAVY KEGS ONLY ORDER for the last few guys.

5. Score Board: (***). All contests should strive for something like the screen projected computerized score board used here. It was easy to read the progression of the contest, while keeping people out of the score keepers' area.

6. Scoring System: (???). After the contest I heard some complaining here, but in all honesty, after studying the scores, I can't find any inequities. At least at the top of the list there is no question, but it's possible that placings lower down on the list might have been different!

The IFSA must make a ruling to standardize ONE SCORING SYSTEM ONLY. The scoring system here was not the same as the first National Qualifier held in Boston.

The big question here arose from the carrying of the points over from a preliminary round to the final! When a certain number of contestants are dropped out, like at this contest, where the number of contestants was dropped from 22 to 16, errors in highest number scoring can occur.

In a meeting with IFSA officials and athletes following the contest, it was pointed out that using a "golf score system", with the lowest number being the better placing, eliminates possible errors.

7. Overall Rating: (***). It's always great to meet new athletes in the strength world, as well as re newing old acquaintances. Good luck to you all with your training. JVA

The Pro Men
1st: Phil Pfister----------------------154
2nd Jesse Marunde----------------147
3rd Travis Linden, Canada-------134
4th Jamie Aszines, Canada-------128
5th Karl Gillingham----------------114.5

Nationals qualifiers- Walt Gogola, Don Pope, Brett Latta, Grant Higa

The Women
1st Kathy Schoonveld--------------35
2nd Josee Morneau, Canada-----33
3rd Jennifer Awlward--------------29
4th Amy Weisberger---------------28
5th Erica Neese----------------------8

Amateur Heavy
Ryan Green, Canada--------------46
Mike Waraham---------------------39

Amateur Middle
Chris Ronson----------------------61
Michael Bedzyk-------------------60.5
Bobby Maddox--------------------56.5

Amateur Light
Brad Pitt----------------------------45

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