2002 USA Verses The World

"The King of Beer"





1st Place – Svend Karlson 66.5 Points
2nd Place – Phil Pfister 66.5 Points
3rd Place – Jarek Dymek 51.5 Points
4th Place – Brian Schoonveld 49 Points
5th Place – Johnny Perry 44.5 Points
6th Place – Karl Gillingham 44.5 Points
7th Place – Odd Haugen 42.5 Points
8th Place – Martin Muhr 42.5 Points
9th Place – Chad Smith 42 Points
10th Place – Sammi Heinnonen 41.5 Points
11th Place – Rainmond Bergmanis 41.5 Points
12th Place – Mark Philippi 37.5 Points
13th Place – Wout Zylstra 29.5 Points
14th Place – Ken Brown 29.5 Points.

Svend and Phil where hard core and consistent. It came down to the car flip and they both smoked the field with Karlsons’ 19.65 beating Pfisters’ 20.67 for the win and overall. That was for 4 cars too!

Jarek Dymek came out of nowhere and did great. We may have to learn more about this guy.

Schoonie, Gillingham and Haugen where steady and strong as usual.

If Johnny Perry had not hurt his back trying to squat 8 Bud Girls, the final score would have be a lot different. He totally passed on the Harley Carry and could not finish the Car Flip which is a great event for him normally. I think Johnny really came to play!

Chad Smith deserves a mention in my opinion as well. As he matures he will be a top competitor. He made a few costly mistakes possibly due to inexperience or he would have done much better.

Everyone in this contest did well and was prepared. It was a great contest was run to the usual great quality that I have only seen from Jim Davis and the Wild Life organization. Magnus and Wayne where right on as refs, Pat did a great job announcing and everyone just pulled together to make the thing work. Sorry if I am forgetting any body here.

Sure Missed Whit at the show!

Jeff Bach





A Jim Davis & Wildlife Conservation Production

St. Louis, MO.