The 1999 24 Hour fitness®


Women’s Bikini Fitness Challenge™ & World Strongman Challenge™


May 18,1999. The World Strongman Challenge™ will actually consist of two competitions, The 1999 IFSA American Championship (U.S. Qualifier to the 1999 World Strongest Man®) and the IFSA ‘Beauty & the Beast’ Grand Prix wherein the eight strongest American challengers will challenge a field of seven of the strongest men in the world. The women will compete on the final day in two piece swimsuits for overall beauty and physique.

Day One of the World Strongman Challenge™ will feature 20 of the top American strength athletes in four preliminary events.

The American Challengers

Grant Higa

Seattle, Wa.

Mark Keshishian

Bethesda, Md.

Ken Brown

Fresno, Ca.

Whit Baskin

Durant, Ok.

Gary Mitchell

Gaithersburg, Md.

Bryan Neese

Brownsburg, In.

James R. Greene

Virginia Beach, Va.

Chad Coy

Kokomo, In.

Odd Haugen

Kailua (Lanikai),Hi.

Bull Stewart

Seattle, Wa.

R. J. Williams

Florissant, Mo.

Mike Gillert

Newbury Park, Ca.

Karl Gillingham

Northfield, Mn.

Anastasios Kazolis

Brooklyn, New York

Michael Kromer

Kennewick, Wa.

Niko Noga

American Samoa

Terry Brennan


Wade Gillingham


James Barientos

Honolulu, Hi.

Jeff Maddy


Each preliminary event will be scored, 15 points for 1st place, 14 points for 2nd place etc., and 1 point for 15th place . No points for 16th place or lower placings. In case of ties, the points are added and divided by the number of tied athletes. The top eight finishers (after four events) will then match their strengths against seven top IFSA professional strongmen in the ‘Beauty & the Beast’ Grand Prix, starting with the Trolley Pull. The scoring in the Grand Prix events is identical. The American Finalists will continue accumulating points towards the American Championship, as well as separate accumulation of points in the Grand Prix events.

The IFSA Professionals

Berend Veneberg


Magnus Samuelsson


Jouko Ahola


Hugo Girard


Phil Phister

West Virginia

Joe Onosai

American Samoa

Harold "Chief Iron Bear" Collins

North Carolina

On Day Two the American finalists will continue competing against each other for the IFSA American Championship and against the IFSA pro athletes in the IFSA ‘Beauty & the Beast’ Grand Prix. The Grand Prix winner will receive the ‘Beauty & the Beast’ World Strongman Challenge™ Championship Belt and the top prize money, and the American Champion (cumulative winner of the ten events) will receive the American Championship Trophy, an automatic berth in the 1999 World Strongest Man® Competition and invitation (travel expenses and appearance money) to both the IFSA Dutch International Grand Prix and the IFSA Hungarian International Grand Prix in July.

‘Beauty & the Beast’

World Strongman Challenge

DAY 1 - Preliminary events / IFSA American Championship

Event One: Waikiki Trolley® Farmers Walk Race

Athletes will compete in pairs each athlete carrying a pair of 125 kg (275 pound) gas cylinders in the fastest possible time over a 75 meter (246 feet/82 yards) course on grass. Cylinders may be set down, but both must cross the finish line within the 90 seconds time limit. Distance will be measured if athlete fails to complete course in 90 seconds time limit. No straps or grip aids other than chalk are allowed.

Event Two: Apollon Axle Press

Athletes will push press (front) the 120 kg (265 pound) two inch thick "axel"

for maximum repetitions within the 90 seconds time limit. Each repetition must be locked out (elbows and knees), feet parallel and under control (head under bar) before it is counted (referee signal down), and returned to below the chin before the next repetition is attempted. Athlete cannot return "axle" to lifting rack till completion. NO ELBOW WRAPS OR BRACES.

Event Three: Gordon Biersch Keg Toss for Heights

Athletes will throw a ¼ keg (15kg/33 pounds) over a wall/bar. Athlete is

eliminated if he fails to clear a height in three attempts. Athlete will have 60 seconds to complete each attempt. Fewest total attempts wins in case of a tie for height.

Event Four: Life Fitness® Tire Flip Race

Athletes will compete in pairs, attempting to flip an 834 pound truck tire each repeatedly over 25 meter (82 feet) course on grass in the shortest amount of time. Tire cannot be rolled, pushed or otherwise manipulated. Distance will be measured if athlete fails to complete course in 90 seconds time limit. No spikes or screw-on cleats allowed.

First Grand Prix Event

Event Five: Atlantis® Adventures Trolley Pull Race

The top eight American preliminary finishers (after 4 events) will compete against each other and the seven IFSA pro strongmen by pulling the Atlantis® Adventures Trolley with the Women’s Fitness Challenge competitors on board (approximately 27,500 pounds) 25 meters (82 feet) asphalt course in the fastest possible time with harness and rope. Distance will be measured if athlete fails to complete course in 90 seconds time limit.


DAY 2- Finals IFSA American Championship and IFSA Grand Prix

Second Grand Prix Event

Event Six: 24 Hour Fitness® Log Lift for 1 rep maximum overhead

Athletes (top 8 Americans after four events and the 7 IFSA pros) attempt to lift a steel log from the ground to lockout (elbows and knees) and under control overhead (head under), feet parallel, for maximum weight. The Log must be lowered back down under control to the pedestals for the lift to be good. NO DROPPING OR THROWING OF THE LOG WILL BE TOLERATED. Starting weight will be 114 kg (251 pounds), then 124 kg (273 pounds); 134 kg (295 pounds); 144 kg (317 pounds); and in 5 kg (11 pounds) increments thereafter. There’s 90 seconds time limit on each lift, each lifter has total of 4 attempts unless competitor fails on a weight, and he is out of the competition. Tie breaker, fewest attempts.

Third Grand Prix Event

Event Seven: Outrigger® Hotels and Resorts Lava Rock Loading Race

Athletes attempt to lift and carry/load onto a platform/barrells five lava rocks ranging in weight from 200 - 300 pounds in the least amount of time (grass course). Lava rock must be carried , not rolled or pushed. Number of rocks successfully loaded will be counted if athlete fails to complete all five rocks in the 90 second time limit.

Fourth Grand Prix Event

Event Eight: Hercules Truck Hold

Athletes, with outstretched arms and bare hands hold back two trucks/cars fitted with handles, for as long as possible, from traveling down opposing ramps. No straps or grip aids other than chalk are allowed. No time limit.

Fifth Grand Prix Event

Event Nine: Hammer Strength® Super Yoke Race

Athletes will carry a 785 pound Super Yoke over 25 meter (82 feet) course on grass in the shortest amount of time. If the Super Yoke course is not completed in the 90 seconds time limit or if the Super Yoke is set down (or slide) on the ground, the athlete’s effort will be measured to the first point of contact with the ground.

Sixth Grand Prix Event

Event Ten: B O D Y O N I C S™ Pinnacle Power Stairs Race

Athletes in pairs will carry three 200 kg (440 pound) weights each up steep stairs (17" risers) (six steps) to the top platform. First to complete all three weights wins! 90 seconds time limit.

(Events Subject to Change)

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