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1998 Full Strength Challenge Weekend-October 2-4, 1998

A brief write-upFull Strength pictures-Day 1Pictures from Day 2-The International CompetitionOfficial Full Strength Website

The 1998 Full Strength Challenge-International

All images are thumbnails. Click on them to see the full sized version.
Event #1: Bus Pull and Chad Coy The Chief is off Phil Makdisi
Doug Ahr reminded many of Cleve Dean Uli Schwartz of Germany Wayne Price
Wayne Event #2: The log press for reps. The Chief prays The Chief=six reps
Odd Haugen Wayne Price-six reps
Gary Mitchell, ever the good sportsman, gives advice to Chad Coy for event #3-The Yoke Karl Gillingham
Makdisi had real difficulty Wayne did better Event #4: Car Flip
Makdisi and the car flip Wayne Price had no problem
The show down: Makdisi versus the Chief in the final event-the loading meddley The Chief
Makdisi loads Wayne Price walked away with it
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