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Second Grand Prix Event-The 24 Hour Fitness Log Lift



Best Attempt Made (in kilos)

Number of Attempts Made Place Score
Jouko Ahola 170-PR 6 3 12
Magnus Samuelsson 165 5 4 11
Joe Onosai 170 5 2 13
Berend Veneberg 150 1 7 8
Hugo "Huge-o" Girard 135 1 9 (tie) 5.5
Chief IronBear Collins 170 4 1 14
Niko Noga 155 5 6 9
Karl Gillingham 135 5 12 (tie) 2.5
Bryan Neese 150 3 8 7
Whit Baskin 135 1 9 (tie) 5.5
Odd Haugen 135 2 11 4
Ken Brown 160 6 5 10
Gary Mitchell 125 1 14 1
Bull Stewart 135 3 12 (tie) 2.5

Description of the Event:  This was the first event on day two.  The athletes attempted to lift a steel log from tires about 10 inches off the ground to lockout overhead for a maximum weight.  Passes on weights were allowed.  However, if the athlete could not make the lift in good form in under 60 seconds, then he was out of the competition.  In case of a tie, the winner would be the person with the fewest attempts.  Jamie Reeves made it clear that there had to be strict reps.  In other words, the lock  out had to be fully overhead with the competitor's head through and his feet squared up in order for rep to count.  The competitor had to wait for the down signal or else the attempt was no good.

Notes:  This is were the first controversy of the event took place.  Several of the competitors wanted to use towels in between their bodies and their belts, Jamie stated that he thought that it would look bad for TV and the press and did not want to allow it.  He also argued that line drawing as to what towel was too big and which one wasn't too big would be difficult.  Jamie said, "We are here for a strongman contest, not to take a bath!  No towels!"  Nevertheless, he put it up to a vote for the competitors.  A small majority of the competitors voted on Jamie's side and no towels were allowed.  Jouko, who wanted to use a towel, simply looked at the other guys and said, "That will be bad for you."  The event went on and he set a PR.  Samuelsson cleaned the 170 kilo log twice, but it was very difficult.  One time it came to rest on his chin.  After the hard clean, he did not have enough to press it.  Several different styles of cleaning were used.  The most successful seemed to be the continental style.  Berend seemed to have the text book perfect continental style clean.  It was very fluid.  The 175 kilo log was cleaned by Jouko and Joe, but neither could press it for the win.  Also of note, Bryan Nesse took most of his attempts without a belt.

Pictures from this event

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