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First Grand Prix Event-Atlantis Adventures Trolley Pull


Competitor Time Distance Place Score
Jouko Ahola 30.16 2 13
Magnus Samuelsson 27.25  1 14
Joe Onosai 31.74 4 11
Berend Veneberg 33.72 5 10
Hugo "Huge-o" Girard 30.53 3 12
Chief IronBear Collins 34.2 6 9
Niko Noga 53.87 13 2
Karl Gillingham 38.47 7 8
Bryan Neese 50.15 12 3
Whit Baskin 40.35  8 7
Odd Haugen 40.56  9 6
Ken Brown 42.81 11 4
Gary Mitchell 42.15 10 5
Bull Stewart 7'4"  14 1

Description of the Event :  This was the first event of the Grand Prix.  It happened on Day 1 after the American Preliminaries were over.  The top eight American preliminary finishers (after four events) competed against each other and the six IFSA pro strongmen by pulling an Atlantis Adventures Trolley loaded with people for 100 feet  in the fastest time possible. There was a slight incline in the beginning and then it evened out.  A harness and a rope were used.  There was a 90 second time limit.

Notes :  The IronMind harness was used.  After some time, Jamie Reeves finally adjusted the harness to where he was satisfied.  Joe Onasai who went fourth broke the first harness.  Another one was used to replace it.  Accordingly, the first three competitors were allowed to re-pull the trolley.  Initially Berend, the Chief and Hugo turned in times on 43.5, 41.5 and 49.58 respectively.  They all went again dramatically improving their placings.  Bull Stewart did not finish the course primarily because of his lack of experience.  He was trying the event for the first time.  He was nearly fully erect and his hips were not down.

A Statement from Randy Strossen of IronMind who manufactured the Apparatus

Dear Justin--

I was told that you had reported that an IronMind harness had broken at the Beauty & the Beast contest and had to be replaced. What actually took place is easily summarized, and is quite different from the idea that one of our harnesses failed:
1) When Jamie Reeves hooked up the tester to the adjustable pad on the back of the harness, rather than to one of the designated attachment points (the loops on the waist belt), I immediately came over and explained both his error to him, and that he needed to understand that the pad was not a structural part of the harness and would just rip out if he continued to connect there. As I recall, you were listening to this conversation, so it's surprising that your report didn't reflect this error.
2) Jamie evidentially continued to clip people into the harness at some point other than one of the designated attachment points, and, as a results, among other things, the waist band rode up, creating discomfort and making it harder to breathe.
3) For reasons unclear to me, but probably due to other people complaining, starting with the fourth competitor [Joe Onasi], I believe, Jamie started clipping the competitors into the proper point on the harness.
4) The first three competitors were allowed to pull again, given that they had been attached incorrectly on their first pull, and each reduced his time very substantially when hooked up correctly, proving the efficacy of using the harness as designed.
In addition to the early competitors being attached incorrectly to the harness, for whatever reason, everyone ended up pulling in the harness especially designed to fit 500-pound Jeff Maddy, rather than the one designed to fit the other competitors.

Pictures from this event

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