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ASL Interview with Anello

Vince Anello's induction

The following is a letter to you the fan from Vince Anello

Dear Friend,

My career spanned twenty years. I must admit that as with any competitor, there were highs and lows. I have always managed to keep my focus and set my goals high. throughout my career, I have always tried to give back and share my experiences with young competitors. I felt that there was a real need for positive role models. Even today, I try to set an example for today's youth. As a world champion, I feel that I must set the standard for young people today. From the very beginning, I have always had an interest in strength. As a youngster, I could not afford a barbell so I made a barbell and attached bricks to it. That started my career.
There are many moments in my career that are special to me. My five world titles rank at the top. I have to say that the highlight of my career was when I was inducted into the Strength Hall of Fame in York, PA. It is hard to explain the emotions that I felt that weekend. I was very humbled and honored at the same time. I am very fortunate that my mother was able to make the trip to York, PA and share that wonderful weekend with me. She has always supported me and my devotion to the sport of powerlifting. I would again like to say thanks to the committee who voted for me on my induction.
Throughout my career, I have received letters and requests asking me about my training routines and strength techniques. These requests came from all corners of the world. I always envisioned that some day I would have the opportunity to share my training and strength routines. I have made that vision a reality. After years of planning and finding the right qualified experts, Total training System, Inc. became a reality. I am President of Total Training Systems Inc. My company certifies personal fitness trainers. I have designed our program with a hands on approach in mind. I have personally trained clients for over twenty years and have always had positive results using my methods. In my opinion, my training method is one of the safest. Although my expertise is in powerlifting, TTS's program is for every one. Our certification program covers all age groups, from teenagers to senior citizens. Our graduates are qualified to train entry level clients as well as world class athletes.
I would like to thank American Strength Legends for the hard work that they do. It takes a lot of work to keep their website looking as exceptional as it does. I would also like to thank my fans and the people who supported me throughout my career.
If any one would like to contact me, you can find TTS, on the web at

Your Friend in Strength and Fitness,
Vince Anello