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Anthony Clark pictures when he was inducted into the York Barbell Hall of Fame

ASL interview with Anthony Clark

Anthony Clark's acceptance speech

ASL: First I would like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of all of your fans for providing inspiration for us and for allowing us this great opportunity to learn more about you.

ASL: Would you care to share with us some statistical and biographical information, educational background, are you married?, do you have kids?

Clark: I was born 9-15-66, making me 32 years old. I am 5'8", 335 lbs., 24 1/2 " biceps, 22 1/2 " neck, 62" chest, 42" waist, and 33 1/2" thighs. I hold the world record for the squat at 1100 lbs. and the world record for bench press at 805 lbs. My best deadlift is 771 lbs. and I hold the world record for overall total of 2600 lbs. Push press is 500 lbs.

No, I am not married yet, but I am engaged and am planning on getting married.

ASL: I understand that you are heavily involved in motivational speaking with Anthony Clark and the Warriors. Could you please explain what you and your organization does? How many days out of the year do you devote to this?

Clark: Team AC and the Warriors is a group of strong athletes presenting the gospel in a different way! I do this 270 days a year. Contact for more info.

ASL: When I met Jamie Harris briefly at the Arnold Classic, I asked him what he was up to and he said that he was busy with his gym and training with you. How long have you two been training for and what has it been like?

Clark: Jamie Harris is a great guy and the only positive thing that came out of Pittsburgh Training together was fun and motivational. We only trained together a brief period.

ASL: Are you a professional powerlifter or do you have a business or job also?

Clark: Yes, I am a professional powerlifter. But I also have a job as spokesman for several companies.

ASL: Were you always and big and strong as you are now? When did you start lifting and competing? Did you play any sports as a kid or in college?

Clark: I wasn't always big and strong. I used to be a skinny little kid that got beat up. I started lifting at 13 years old. In school I played football, ran track and tried to play basketball.

ASL: Who were your heroes/idols when you were growing up?

Clark: Jesus and Bill Kazmaier. My heroes today are Jesus Christ and Mindi Toth, my fiancee.

ASL: Could you name some powerlifting accomplishments or feats of strength (e.g., ripping phone books in half, lifting cars) that you have done?

Clark: Other than the lifts I have mentioned above. Some accomplishments of my career are car lifting (walking with a car).

ASL: Do you plan on doing any strongman contests in the future or will you focus on powerlifting?

Clark: No strongman contests, my focus is on powerlifting

ASL: The next series of questions, I must ask as my duty as a reporter.

ASL: What do you have to say to your critics who claim that you cheat by using "quadruple layered bench shirts with metallic space age materials and wires"?


ASL: What do you have to say to your critics who claim that you have special privileges that others don't (namely your reverse-grip style of bench pressing and choosing benches, etc.)?

Clark: As far as the reverse grip goes, all I have to say is "Thank God- It was a blessing!!"

ASL: Is there any message or greeting you would like to give your many, many fans out there?

Clark: Never let your dreams die!! Let go, and let God!!

ASL: Thank you again sir for granting us this opportunity to learn more about you. Good luck to you in your training.