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Posted November 24, 1998

Vince Anello on the web

Vince Anello, who will be featured soon on American Strength Legends, has let ASL know that he has a webpage. It can be accessed by following this hyperlink

Posted November 23, 1998

Jouko, the movie star?

Jouko Ahola is being considered for the film of strongman Seigmund Breitbart's life. Seigmund is portrayed on this site.

New Iron Sport Gym

Steve Pulcinella has wrote ASL that his gym, Iron Sport Gym, will be moving to its new 7200 square foot facility come this January. Iron Sport will be re-located in Glenolden, PA. More information is coming soon.

Posted November 12, 1998

Jim Vornonin and the WPC Worlds

Jim Voronin emailed ASL to say that the WPC Worlds "went pretty well, all things considered. I missed two lifts that would have won it for me, and it came down to the final deadlift. I went 870-617-722 for 2210. The squat was opener only, and it really surprised me since my training went damn well this time. I had a setup problem and almost didn't clear the rack on my second attempt with 914-don't ask. Still trying to figure that one out. Next time though.....
I had 760 to the knee and then rounded my shoulders over. I did not train off the floor as much as I normally do. I tried some of Louie's stuff and got off of it just in time to pull from the floor. Had I gone on the floor as I normally do, well, you get it.
Training went really well. Felt damn strong and body felt good. Next year is already in the planning stages." Good job Jim!!

Jim has also reported that Austria has decided to bolt from the WPC to form its own international governing body

Shannon Hartnett and Mt. Everest

Shannon Hartnett was not successful in reaching the peak at Mt. Everest. She is doing fine and is recuperating from the journey now.

Posted November 3, 1998

Wayne Price of South Africa

Wayne Price of South Africa just set a new world record pulling 6 trucks, weighing all together 60 tons, over 30 meters. The time was fast-46.17 seconds. Details and pictures coming.

Posted October 20, 1998

Shannon Hartnett

Shannon Hartnett, the premier female Scottish Highland Games athlete who will soon be on American Strength Legends, is currently on her way to the top of the very world. She is currently on schedule in her assault on Mt. Everest. That's right-Mt. Everest. She is part of a team that is on its way to the summit. As there is always great risk involved in any attempt by anyone to scale the mighty Everest, ASL requests that you keep her in your thoughts. Good luck Shannon.

Posted October 19, 1998

Kim Bergman Update

Kim Bergman wrote to ASL with the following news: "I've got 5 weeks until the NPC National Bodybuilding contest! THE BIG ONE!!! I'm just hoping for a top 15 finish! That would be a victory for me! I'll keep you posted on how I do."

In addition, she wanted ASL to pass on that Kramer and her are going to hold another powerlifting meet at our gym next spring. Details about it can be found by following this link.

Posted October 16, 1998

Boy it's still cold-Part 3

In day the of the action, Gary came in fourth in the hand over hand pull and third place in the loading medley. That places him in a solid third place overall. Tomorrow's events will be the Basque circle and the dreaded carry and drag with tires.

Posted October 15, 1998

Boy it's cold-Part 2

Gary has sent word that in the second days competition, he came in second in the keg toss for height. The wind was really gusting up. The meet promoters added sand to the keg to try to weigh it down so the wind would not be such a factor. In the Husafelt-type stone walk for distance, Gary carried it too high on his chest and passed out while going. Luckily, he fell forward and was not injured. His placing in this event is not clear.

Posted October 14, 1998

Boy it's cold

Gary Mitchell reported from the Norsk Hostfest Strongman Competition in North Dakota. (October 11th until October 18th-This event will involve many strongmen including Gary Mitchell, Chief "IronBear" Collins, Jorma Ojanaho and several other marquee athletes who are scheduled to compete in two events a day for seven days. The strongmen will speak in schools and actually compete at the Scandanavian Fair later in the week. They will also harness pull an airplane. As a special treat, 4 time WSM Magnus ver Magnusson will officiate.) He conveyed the following information: "Boy, it's cold in North Dakota (in the 30's and snowing). We had our first events last night (10/13). I did the truck pull and ended up in 5th place out of 6th. Magnus ver Magnusson tried to pull it first and couldn't budge it. The first competitor couldn't move it more than a foot. I then pulled it for 16 feet. Each of the next competitors did progressively better. Someone theorized that the rear axle grease through use kept getting warmer and warmer and that apparently helps the truck to pull easier. I tied for second on the log press for reps. I am really looking forward to today (10/14) (the Hussefelt stone and keg toss).

Posted October 11, 1998


ASL has added both a write-up about the 1998 World Muscle Power Classic and 105 photos (some of good quality have been added to the 1998 Full Strength Challenge

Posted October 10, 1998

WSM Update

Chris Mavromatis wrote ASL to talk "about Ralph and Phil. Ralph had a tough 1st day because the Super Yoke this year cannot be dropped once (the event is over when it is dropped) and it slipped off his back, so he got third. He said it felt light and was actually pulling in front of Riku before it slipped. Felt Light, good God!! Today he was pressing the log up to rep 12 with ease (and Riku only got 14) and then Kazmaier said to start using your legs (meaning push presses) which he wasn't doing at all they were perfectly still presses which wasn't necessary and then he did start pushing and the reps kept going up. While he said he knew he was good for 20, on the 15th rep (beating Riku) he slipped and partially tore his quad. He is very disappointed and really believes (as I do) that he could have gotten in to the Finals. He unfortunately will have to miss my event also, but feels good about the fact that in an interview Kazmaier did with him after the tear, Kazmaier said he couldn't believe his strength and that he hadn't seen that kind of raw power in a long time. Well c'est la vie.
Phil placed second on the first day to Janne in the carry and drag. Torfi got third on day one. Today he also got a very close second with Torfi winning and Janne getting third, so there is a dead tie for first place at the moment. The next event is the Winch and it is a tall man's event and Phil is tall at 6' 6", and the Tire Flip is his event. I have never seen anyone flip a tire more explosively in my life. He has practiced with a 790lb tire, so he feels very good about that event. He just might make it in, should be an exciting last two events." Thanks for the info Chris!

Posted October 7, 1998

WSM Update

Chris Mavromatis wrote to me to let ASL know that Bull Stewart's replacement is Ralph Williams, who "is 6'5" and weighs 370. He is an African American who has benched 600 and squatted 795 for 10 reps." He will have to face the dominating Riku Kiri in the heats. Thanks for the update Chris.

Posted October 5, 1998

Full Strength Challenge Update

A very brief write-up about the Full Strength Challenge can be seen by following this link

Posted October 3, 1998

Full Strength Challenge Update

The venue sight has been changed!!! It is at the Las Vegas Raceway at 2PM today and finals tomorrow at 2PM. Five out of 22 competitors will move on to face five international competitors, including Wayne Price, Uli Schwartz. However, the International competitors will not be scored against the Americans. The five first place competitors from the heats will become the US Team and will tour the US. Gary Mitchell, Terry Brennan, Chief IronBear Collins, Odd Hagen, Gillingham Brothers and many others will compete. Mark Phillipi, Magnus ver Magnusson and Manfred Hoebrel will officiate. Also, in attendance, Scottish Highland great Shannon Hartnett. Come and see!!!

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