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Fourth Grand Prix Event-Mercedes-Benz ML 320 Hercules Hold


Competitor Time Place Score
Jouko Ahola 39.44 3 12
Magnus Samuelsson 47.91 1 14
Joe Onosai 23.94 11 4
Berend Veneberg 45.93 2 13
Hugo "Huge-o" Girard 33.9 4 11
Chief IronBear Collins 32.85 5 10
Niko Noga 25.53 9 6
Karl Gillingham 30.38 7 8
Bryan Neese 31.97 6 9
Whit Baskin 27.56 8 7
Odd Haugen 22.03 13 2
Ken Brown 19.38 14 1
Gary Mitchell 24.66 10 5
Bull Stewart 23.35 12 3

Description of the Event :  This was the third event on day two.  For as long as possible, the athletes, with out stretched arms and bare hands, held back two Mercedes-Benz ML 320 SUV's on an incline.  Of course, no straps were allowed.

Notes :  This event was truly fantastic.  This event featured a head-to-head clash of the three best active Hercules Hold athletes in the world:  Magnus, Berend and Jouko.  Surprisingly, Ken Brown turned in a disappointing time undoubtedly due to his injury.  Also turning in remarkable performances were Odd and Gary who both had horrible callous tears on their hands.

Pictures from this event

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