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Lester Maslow picturesLester Maslow interview with ASL

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Lester getting set up for squat number 3 of 295 kilos--note the M written on his leg with chalk--that's stands for "Master's Rule" Unbelievebaly this is Lester on the way up. He actually went deeper than this Getting set up for his first Bench--Bubba offers last words of instruction
Bench number one paused Bench two on the way up! Bench number three was a little too much on the day
Deadlift number one--nop problem! Deadlift number two--couldn't lock out Deadlift number three was a strong pull, but a tiny hitch drew reds
Lester receiving his medal

The write-up

A preface about Lester...five weeks before the meet he suffered a quad tear that really looked awful. Much to his credit, he did not let it defeat him. He came back and had a really great day. He should be very proud of what he was able to accomplish. Although his total was not representative of his true strength, my money is on Les come the Worlds. His session, session three, contained four flights of lifters. There was eight 198 pound Master I's. This session started at 8:30 am and finished deadlifting after 6:00 pm. That's right, nine and half-hours of lifting. That was ridiculous. Enough to sap the strength out of anyone. Lester is a true champion and didn't offer any excuses on the day. Lester weighed in at 193 pounds. He looked like a walking anatomy chart he was so lean. If he threw a tan on, he could have placed in many a bodybuilding contest. No joke.

With his squatting, Lester had turned just about everyone's eyes to him. He went so deep that it scarred people. Several of the judges commented on it. Many people came up to him and marveled at it.
Attempt 1: 255 kilos (562 pounds)-all whites.
Attempt 2: 277.5 kilos (611.75 pounds)-all whites
Attempt 3: 295 kilos (650.25 pounds)-all whites and the heaviest squat of the session

His bench didn't quite fit as well as we had hoped. His was also really loose.
Attempt 1: 165 kilos (363.75 kilos)-all whites
Attempt 2: 177.5 kilos (391.25 pounds)-all whites
Attempt 3: 180 kilos (396.75 pounds)-missed it

At the subtotals Lester Maslow had 472.5 kilos (1041.5 pounds) and his nearest competitor was Ken Richardson at 467.5 kilos (1030.5 pounds). Lester also weighed in lighter. It was shaping up to be a real battle.

Lester Maslow Attempt 1: 260 kilos (573 pounds)-all whites and really strong, making a total of 732.5 kilos (1614.87 pounds).
Ken Richardson Attempt 1: 267.5 kilos (589.5 pounds)-all whites, making a total of 735 kilos (1620.38 pounds).
Lester Maslow Attempt 2: 275 kilos (606.25 pounds)-like a rocket off the floor, but stalled at the top. I have seen Lester make this lift many a time in the gym. I think that by this time he had been lifting for about 8 hours. That's tough. Had he made this, Lester would have had a total of 747.5 kilos (1647.94 pounds).
Ken Richardson Attempt 2: 282.5 kilos (622.75 pounds)-all whites, making a total of 750 kilos (1653.45 pounds). Lester was very securely in second place by about 25 to 40 kilos. Bubba and I were faced with a tough decision: either have him repeat the weight and get the moral victory of getting his second attempt in or go for the victory. Bubba made the call to put Lester in a position to tie and win on bodyweight should Richardson not make his last pull.
Lester Maslow Attempt 3: 277.5 kilos (611.75 pounds)-again it shot off the floor, slow to the lock out. He finished it, but he gave an itty bitty tiny little hitch that got him three reds. Lester ended with a 732.5 kilo total (1614.87 pounds). Had he made the deadlift he would have got 750 kilos (1653.45 pounds) and Lester would have won by coefficient.
Ken Richardson Attempt 3: 287.5 kilos (633.75 pounds)-he missed it. He ended up with 750 kilos and first place (1653.45 pounds). Lester came in a strong second with 732.5 kilos (1614.87 pounds).

Bottom line...Lester is off to the Worlds in Vegas.
WHAT A BATTLE. Not to make excuses, but had the session not been as long Lester would have pulled those deadlifts without a problem. Had he had a better fitting bench shirt, he would have moved his bench press up a lot.

All images are thumbnails. Click on them to see the full sized version.
Bill Nichols also lifted that day--this was a 382.5 kilo attempt Getting ready for his 1003 pound attempt He got down, but rocked back on his heels 3/4 of the way up and lost it
The aftermath! Bloody nose.
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