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ASL Interview with Jim Voronin

The above photo is © Dr. Randall Strossen
andIron Mind Enterprises. Used with permission.
No duplication is allowed.

Athletic Resume for Jim Voronin:

1986 ADFPA Collegiate Nationals (2nd Place-275 lb class-set national bench press record)

1987 ADFPA Collegiate Nationals (3rd Place-275lb class)

1991 APF Junior National Champion in the 308 pound class (1925 total)

1991 Senior Nationals/308 lb. class (1950 total-5th place)

1991 WPC World Championship-(3rd place-SHW) (lifted in the invitational part of the meet)

1992 broke the 2000 pound total barrier at a USPF meet in Arkansas (El Dorado Classic; SHW: 2033 total)

1992 APF Senior Nationals (3rd Place, SHW, 2010 total)

1992 WPC World Championships; Stone, England (SHW, 2nd Place, 2050 total)

1993 APF Junior National Champion 2100 pound total and went 9 for 9

1993 APF Seniors 2nd Place to Grant Pitts (2135 total, broke the 600 bench barrier for the first time)

This is a thumbnail image of Jim at the 1993 WPC world-his second bench press attempt at 606 pounds. It is the property of Jim Voronin. Click on it to enlarge it.

1993 WPC World Championships-second place (Macon, France; 2150 total, pr squat and benches)

1994 APF Senior National Champion in the superheavyweight class (865, 611, 688 for 2165)

1994 WPC World Championships-second place (832, 617, and 688)

1996 APF Senior National Champion in the superheavywieght class (843, 633, 693) Jim remembers this one well because his training went really well, only to have a quad injury on my second squat, thus a reduced squat and deadlift

1996 WPC World Championships-second place (848, 573, 717) Lifted despite a doctor's suggestion not to due to a torn pec. He commented that, "This sucked because my bench was really starting to take off."

1997 APF Senior National Champion in the superheavywieght class (881, 567, 727) Began benching with a reverse grip to take the stress of the torn pec

1998 APF Seniors National Champion (2242 total, and went 8 for 8. Squat: 909, Bench: 600 (reverse grip due to my pec) and Dead: 733)

He has been in the top ten of the superheavyweight class rankings the last six times, and in the top five the last five.

US Strongman Finals in Primm, Nevada
Event #1-Log lift-5th with 265 pounds

Event #2-Squat: tied for third with 860 pounds

Event #3-Hanging Plunge: sixth with 77.04 seconds

Event #4-Throw for height: 5th with 19' 11"

Event #5-Deadlift: tied for 4th with 700 pounds

Event #6-Bar bend-1st by bending a 5/8" bar

Event #7-Farmer's walk: 7th-DNF 120'1"

Event #8-Harnessed Bus Pull:7th with 39.59 seconds

Event #9-Tire Toss: &th with 29' 9.25"

Event #10-Barrel Loading-7th with 84.57 seconds

Event #11-Arm over Arm Pull: 6th with DNF 82'4.5"

Event #12 Sumo Wrestling: 7th place

Overall 7th place with 64.5 points