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Fifth Grand Prix Event-Hammer Strength Super Yoke Race


Competitor Time Distance Place Score
Jouko Ahola 31.85 2 13
Magnus Samuelsson 35.43 4 11
Joe Onosai 19.47 1 14
Berend Veneberg 42.54 8 7
Hugo "Huge-o" Girard 2'1" 14 1
Chief IronBear Collins 39'.5" 13 2
Niko Noga 27.22 3 12
Karl Gillingham 77'5.5" 10 5
Bryan Neese 49.22 9 6
Whit Baskin 36.44 6 9
Odd Haugen 35.47 5 10
Ken Brown 40.62 7 8
Gary Mitchell 45'10" 11 4
Bull Stewart 41'4" 12 3

Description of the Event :  This was the fourth event on day two.  The athletes carried a 785 pound Super Yoke over a 25 meter (82 feet) course in the shortest amount of time.  There is a 90 second time limit.  The comeptitors were allowed one drop and then could resume.

Notes :  This was a really finely constructed apparatus.  It was heavy and very sturdy.  Joe made it look like a toy the way that he ran with it over the course.  There was one moment of controversay.  Whit Baskin set the apparatus down once after about half of the course.  Then, he carried it to near the line and set it down one inch from completion.  Whit and his brother Brady along with Jamie Reeves claim to have heard some member of the audience tell Whit to drop it because it was over the line.  It was not.  Whit was allowed to pick it up and finish the course (i.e., the one inch).  Initally, Kristen Samuelsson caught it and brought it to Jamie's attention; however, it was decided that Whit's time would stand.  Some in the audience claim to have heard no such signal.

Pictures from this event

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