99 B & B List of Competitors

99 B & B List of Competitors

Competitor Home Listed Height-in feet and inches Weight-in pounds Listed Accomplishments
Ken Brown Fresno, CA 6'1" 283 4th Place in the 1997 US Strongest Man; 1998 WSM Competitor
Bryan Neese Brownsburg, IN 6'2" 318 3rd Place at 1998 Strongest Man Alive; 2nd Place at 1998 Survival of the Strongest
Odd Haugen Honolulu, HI   289 1997 WABDL World Masters Deadlift Champion; 1970 IFBB Mr. Norway; America's Full Strength Challenge-third place in the US qualifier
Andrew "Bull" Stewart Seattle, WA 6' 264 Ten consecutive powerlifting championships in the 242 pound class; 1998 Northwest Strongest Man
Whit Baskin Durante, OK 5'11" 264 1997 Texas Strongest Man; 1998 Oklahoma Strongest Man
Niko Noga American Samoa 6'1" 331 13 year NFL Pro; Sports Coordinator for American Somoa DOE
Karl Gillingham Northfield, MN 6'2.5" 276 American Full Strength Challenge First Place in the US Qualifier
Gary Mitchell Gaithersburg, MD 6' 283.5 1997 and 1998 World Muscle Power Classic and 1998 Strongest Man Alive Competitor
James Barientos Honolulu, HI 6'2" 280 Canadian Football League; Pro Indoor Football League
Grant Higa Seattle, WA 5'8" 301 1997 and 1998 USAPL Oregon State Powerlifting Champion in the 275 pound weight class
James Greene Honolulu, HI 5'9" 366 1998 USPF American Invitational Super Heavyweight Champion
Mark Keshishian Bethesda, MD 5'11" 261 1996 IPA Submaster National Champion in the 220 pound weight class and best lifter, 1993 IPF Pan-American 200 pound weight class and best lifter, 1998 Full Strength Challange Competitor, 1998 Strongest Man Alive Competitor.
Ralph Williams Florissant, MO 6'4" 394 1998 WSM Competitor; Pro Football Player
Mike Kromer Kennewick, WA 5'10" 330 Competitive Powerlifter, strongman competitor and former college football player
Mike Gillert Newbury Park, CA 6'2" 242 Body Focus Bench Press Competition 1996 and 1997 First Place
Anastasios "Staz" Kazolis Brooklyn, NY 5'10" 336 Strongest Man Alive Competitor; 9th Place at the York Barbell Strongman Contest

Terry Brennand ,Jeff Maddy , Wade Gillingham  didn't make the trip out.



Competitor Home Listed Height-in feet and inches Weight-in pounds
Jouko Ahola Finland 6'1" 264
Magnus Samuelsson Sweden 6'6" 314
Joe Onosai American Samoa/Hawaii 6'4" 415.8
Berend Veneberg Netherlands 6'2" 290
Hugo "Huge-o" Girard Canada 6'1" 338
Chief IronBear Collins North Carolina 6'1" 345

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