American Strength Legends
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Bill Kazmaier
Don Reinhoudt
Fred Hatfield
Jon Davis
Paul Anderson
Steve Pulcinella
Tommy Ingalsbe
Siegmund Breitbart
Chief Ironbear Collins
Ed Coan
Cynthia Morrison
Kim Bergman
Gary Mitchel
Mark Keshishian
Jim Voronin

Jamie Harris
Anthony Clark
Shannon Hartnett
Vince Anello
Curtis Leffler
Lester Maslow
Larry Pacifico
Bryan Neese
Gene Bell
Joe Ladnier

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Event 2: The Life Fitness Appollon Axel Press

Description of the event: The athletes tried to push press in the front the 120 kilo or 265 pound two inch thick axle for a maximum number of repetitions in 75 seconds. Each repetition had to be locked out (both the elbows and the knees) as well as the feet being squared up and completely under control before the rep was counted.

Bull grinds out some reps Gary Mitchell gets set to go
Gary used Bill Kazmier's purple thick and tall belt that Kaz used in the Le Defi Mark Ten Ken Brown attacks the apparatus
Mark Keshishian on his way to five strict reps at 260 pounds Bryan Neese used very little legs to drive the bar overhead
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Event 3 pictures