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Dan Cook By The Book

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Dan Cook By The Book

This is the car that got me started on this project.

Thanks to Dan for his help on the phone and answering questions...

If it wasn't for this Mopar Collectors Guide article, I might not have ever started this project... let alone get this silly idea in my head. I saw the article, and remembered as a kid... seeing photos of some of these "Funny" looking cars, and how cool, but weird they looked. and I have never been one to do things the normal or orthodox way. I always had a different view from everyone else. Never was into Camaros... or Chevells... come on... my first car was a GSX Buick. Who ever heard of one of those? People used to laugh at it... Until it left them in a cloud of tire smoke. And then there was my Strongman carrier... talk about doing thinks to a different beat. Anyways, this car was right up my alley... I wish I didn't get held up after the first body shop screwed me... I was on a roll... and would have had it finished before this AFX Fad got rolling!


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