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Project Progress 2009

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Project Progress 2009

The Object of this Web site was sold...It went to a good home with two other Altered Wheel Base 65's.

I have plans for my AFX 2, with a 65 Cornet body located...

Stay tuned for the second build.


September, 15 2009

Well, Family and finances dictate the selling of my project (Unless things change). But, I will keep working on it, just in case, and... I probably wont get any offeres on it untill its finished, and I'm not selling it anymore...

So I have it up on Craigs list and Racing Junk.... a few weeks back I pulled the motor figuring it will sell faster than the whole car....

Then I figured... "F It", I will keep working on it...

I started by finishing the brakes.... and got the rear bumper on today.


The Crate


June 19th, 2009

Well, it's been a while! It is June 19th, 2009, the builder says we should have the building permits in a month... Hell, if we wait till September, it will have been four years... but, hay, I'm not complaining!

So I put away the Iron-Headster... and started working on the AFX this week....

Made some progress.

Blower was leaking oil... 90 w...  re-do the blower snout coupler... drill and tap new holes... re torq the intake to see if it was warped... new throttle cable linkage.... pulled my Joe hunt fake magneto ... I had it rebuilt... and I dropped it ...  and I had to rebuild it... re-wired the MSD...
I actually tried to fire it up.... a few back fires... rotated the distributor 180, but still had a backfire ... but it sounded like it was firing out the headers... but the back fire, or "Puff of Gas" out of the carb kept me from doing more...  If I had an air cleaner on, I would feel safer trying to start it by myself...


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