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Posted May 18, 1999

List of Competitors for the IFSA Beauty and the Beast Competition

Day 1
Grant Higa from Seattle, Wa.
Mark Keshishian from Bethesda, Md.
Ken Brown from Fresno, Ca.
Whit Baskin from Durant, Ok.
Gary Mitchell from Gaithersburg, Md.
Bryan Neese from Brownsburg, In.
James R. Greene from Virginia Beach, Va.
Chad Coy from Kokomo, In.
Odd Haugen from Kailua (Lanikai),Hi.
Bull Stewart from Seattle, Wa.
R. J. Williams from Florissant, Mo.
Mike Gillert from Newbury Park, Ca.
Karl Gillingham from Northfield, Mn.
Anastasios Kazolis from Brooklyn, New York
Michael Kromer from Kennewick, Wa.
Niko Noga from American Samoa
Terry Brennan from Florida
Wade Gillingham from Minnesota
James Barientos from Honolulu, Hi.
Jeff Maddy from Wyoming

The IFSA Pros for Day 2 Berend Veneberg from Netherlands
Magnus Samuelsson from Sweden
Jouko Ahola from Finland
Hugo Girard from Canada
Phil Phister from West Virginia
Joe Onosai from American Samoa
Harold "Chief Iron Bear" Collins from North Carolina
The full press release can be read by clicking here

Posted May 17, 1999

Another lifter enters the Mountaineer Cup?

It seems that concerns about the quality and quantity of powerlifters that will compete at the Mountaineer Cup that Nick Busick is organizing, are unfounded. Mike Wise out of Indianapolis has officially entered the Mountaineer Cup. This brings the official number of entrants to twelve. Wise, who said he is looking to break a DL record of APA at the Cup, said he is looking for a 2100 plus total and will be waiting for either Leslie or Coates to make a mistake in order to squeak out a win along with the breaking of the DL record.

Posted May 12, 1999

Who will draw first blood at the Mountaineer Cup?

Nick Busick, founder of the National Powerlifting League and organizer of the Mountaineer Cup and the Earnie Neagy Memorial Powerlifting Competition, has wrote ASL to let us all know about Rich Coates has entered the Mounatineer Cup. Rich says that his bodyweight is up from 292 to a massive 315 and rising. For those of you who are not familiar with Coates, he competed at the 1997 and 1998 WPC Worlds and, of course, the 1997 and 1998 APF Nationals. More recently Coates totaled a fantastic 2365 at the APF Illinois Recordbreakers. At that meet, he was going to attempt a 1003 pound squat, but got timed out. Rich states that he probably could have gotten had he not been timed out. Further, Coates reports that he is "a lot stronger" now then he was then. The question is now who will draw first blood-Leslie or Coates?

Posted May 5, 1999

List of Competitiors for the Mountaineer Cup

Nick Busick, founder of the National Powerlifting League and organizer of the Mountaineer Cup and the Earnie Neagy Memorial Powerlifting Competition, has wrote ASL to let us all know about the list of confirmed competitors for the Mountaineer Cup. Mr. Busick wanted to emphasize that this is the list of confirmed competitors and that there are more that have expressed an interest, but have not committed themselves yet. From the USA, Curtis Leslie and Willy Williams. Eric Green is tentative. From South Africa, Mark Robinson, Alan Ferguson and F. Naude. From Latvia, Rinald Dimins. From the Ukraine, Vladimir Ivankenko and Vikor Naleikin.

Posted April 7, 1999

Powerlifting on TV again?????
Huge Fantastic News About the Mountaineer Cup

Nick Busick, founder of the National Powerlifting League and organizer of the Mountaineer Cup and the Earnie Neagy Memorial Powerlifting Competition, has wrote ASL to let us all know about some great news for his competition and the sport of powerlifting in general. Nick wrote, "I have always known you and your site to report events and releases properly. So I am notifying you that ESPN gave confirmation of covering the Mountaineer Cup yesterday via ESPN executive Bob Yalen. A couple of people know of this so if you wish to be the first to release it publicly .... here it is. Yalen is to call me tomorrow with the specifics on the format and I see no problem in meeting these requirements. You should also know, Bob Yalen, is very interested in an ongoing PL promotion and could be a key resource for the sport, not to mention one hell of a good guy!" This will mark the return of powerlifting to TV and will expose our great sport to more and more people. Looks like we all owe Nick Busick big thank you. Thank you Mr. Busick!

Posted April 6, 1999

Goliath Events Enterprises

Marshall Ennis, President and founder of Goliath Events Enterprises, let ASL to let us know that the New York Auto Show expo was a tremendous success. On Saturday April 3, 1999 at 9:00 in downtown New York in front of the Jacob Javits Convention Center, Magnus ver Magnusson made his return to public strongman competition as he and Chief IronBear Collins harness pulled eight cars which included corvettes, Dodge Intrepids and lots of trucks. In the aggregate the string of cars weighed an impressive 46 thousand pounds. The two raced against one another. Magnus reportedly had a very strong lead that he maintained. The Chief with his considerable bodyweight advantage pulled the string 80 feet. Magnus finished up about a car length behind the Chief. Neither of them finished the course. The Chief and Magnus were interviewed by Gear magazine. In total, the Chief, Magnus and Marshall signed over 2000 autographs which was just a fraction of the large crowd on hand. The New York Auto Show organizers were happy to have the Chief, Magnus and Goliath Events Enterprises there and look forward to an even bigger expo net year. right now, Marshall is in Dubai with AFSA preparing the events for the Full Strength Dubai Challenge.

Posted March 31, 1999

An open letter to TWI and IFSA, plus and interview with Marshall Ennis

To TWI and IFSA,
Manfred Hoeberl and Marshall Ennis have conducted interviews with ASL which will be published on ASL very soon.
American Strength Legends believes whole-heartedly in the principle of "equal time." ASL believes that both sides of the argument should have the same opportunity to be heard and their viewpoints expressed. To this end, American Strength Legends extends an invitation to any executive level member of the International Federation of Strength Athletes (IFSA) or TWI to be interviewed here on American Strength Legends. Should any executive level member of IFSA or TWI so chose to be interviewed, he or she may contact the webmaster, Justin McShane, directly at to set up a mutually beneficial time to conduct such interview.

Marshall Ennis, President and Founder of Goliath Events Enterprises, has conducted an interview with ASL which can be read by clicking here. This interview covers a wide-range of topics, but its main focus is on the current situation in strongman from his perspective.

Posted March 29, 1999

The other contestants for the Full Strength Challenge Series are...

Magnus ver Magnusson, Riku Kiri, Wayne Price, Heinz Ollesch, Flemming Rasmusson, Derek Boyer, Bill Lyndon and Phil Makdisi will fight it out for $175,000 in prize money over the series of events.

Goliath Events Enterprises Presents

Marshall Ennis, President and founder of Goliath Events Enterprises, wrote to ASL to let us know that, "On Saturday April 3, 1999 at 9:00 in downtown New York in front of the Jacob Javits Convention Center, Magnus ver Magnusson will make his return to public strongman competition as he and Chief IronBear Collins will put on an expo called the New York Auto Show Strength Challenge." Marshall also wrote that it is the world's largest auto show; so, it has two of the world's largest strength athletes. Marshall Ennis further wrote that, "Maggie and Chief will be pulling ten cars each, ranging from corvettes to 1 ton trucks. I will have an official weight in New York which might range from 42000 to 50000 lbs." Sounds like fun. Good luck Marhsall and Goliath Events Enterprises!

Posted March 28, 1999

Phil Makdisi

Phil Makdisi, who took an impressive second place at his strongman debut at the Full Strength Challenge in Las Vegas, has emailed ASL to let us know of his events. He is a full six foot four inches and is over 425 pounds with a physique. Very impressive! The following websites have information about Phil: Phil Makdisi at and Phil Makdisi at JV Askem's Cable Bar system site. Phil is leaving for Dubai this weekend to represent the US in this competition. Best of luck to you Phil. He is contracted with AFSA to compete at the following competitions:
Date Competition
April 8, 1999 Dubai/UAE
May 28, 1999 Beirut/Lebanon
June 25, 1999 Lodz/Poland
July 1999 USA (TBA)
August 14-15 Holly, Michigan (Michigan Renaissance festival)
September 10, 1999 Arena Oberhausen/Germany

Posted March 26, 1999

AFSA Press Release

Manfred Hoebrel and the staff of AFSA have released a statement to respond to the current situation in strongman. It can be read by clicking on here. Manfred has announced that Magnus ver Magnusson, Riku Kiri, Flemming Rasmussen, Wayne Price, Derek Boyer, Bill Lyndon and many more have decided to participate in AFSA events. A series of five (5) international events will take place this year with points accumulating from one event to the next, to find the strongest man. The start will be in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on April 8th and 9th, 1999 (which will also feature upcoming American Strongman Phil Makdisi). Other events include: April 8-9 United Arab Emirates Invitational, May 28-29 Lebanon Invitational, June 25-26 Poland Invitational, August 14-15 Michigan Invitational, August 21-22 Minnesota Invitational and August 28-29 Missouri Invitational. More details to come.

Posted March 25, 1999

Lester Maslow returns to the platform!!!

Lester Maslow, who is featured here at ASL, has announced his return to the powerlifting platform. This APF, NASA and USPF national champion who has recorded an impressive 700 pound squat and 683 pound deadlift at 181 pound bodyweight will make his return at the USPF Senior Nationals in this July. For Lester, this will be his last submaster competition and a "tune up" meet for his assault on several masters records at he has his eyes on. Good luck Lester!

Jamie Harris-the wrestler
ASL has received several emails concerning Jamie Harris and what he has been up to. Jamie is now fulfilling his dream in the wrestling ring. His name is Big Evil and the pictures seem to confirm this. You can see pictures of Jamie in the ring at Big Evil

Posted March 23, 1999

1999 Red River Strongman Challenge

Stacy Green, the events organizer wrtoe ASL to let us know that this strongman compeition will be held on May 1st in Ardmore, OK. The events include a Tire flip, Navigator pull, 185lb Boulder throw, Bean bag press and the Farmer's walk. There will be 4 weight classes with trophies and cash payouts. For entries, call 580-226-5438 or email

Posted March 21, 1999

1999 Beauty and the Beast Strongman Competition and US Championship

Odd Haugen wrote to ASL to say: "'The Beauty & the Beast' is just that, twenty four of the most fit and beautiful women will compete in the Women's Fitness Challengetm event, alongside some of the world's strongest men competing in the World Strongman Challengetm. The event is scheduled for June 5th and 6th , 1999 in Honolulu, Hawaii, and will receive featured coverage on ESPN's American Muscle Magazine (approximately 75% of a 30 minute TV magazine). Each airing reaches over 1 million domestic viewers and over 1.2 million international viewers. The women will compete on the final day in two piece swimsuits for overall beauty and physique. The World Strongman Challengetm will actually consist of two competitions, The 1999 IFSA American Championship (U.S. Qualifier to the 1999 World Strongest Man) and the IFSA International Grand Prix wherein the six strongest Americans will challenge a field of six of the strongest men in the world."

The events will include: Farmers Walk Race (a pair of 275 pound gas cylinders in the fastest possible time over a 60 yard course), Apollo Axel Press (push press (standing/front) the 265 pound two inch thick "axel"), Keg Toss for Height, Tire Flip Race (800 pounds over an 80 yard area) and Fire Truck Pull Race.

Day two's events include: Log Lift for 1 rep max overhead, Lava Rock Loading Race, Hercules Truck Hold, Super Yoke Race and Power Stairs Race
The Full Press Release
The printable entry form

Posted March 15, 1999

1999 Beauty and the Beast Strongman Competition and US Championship

Odd Haugen, professional strongman and strongman contest organizer wrote ASL to let us know that the 1999 Beauty and the Beast Strongman Competition "will be open to all U.S. residents, but international athletes by invitation only. The Beauty and the Beast will take place over two days (the week-end of June 4th) will actually consist of two contests, the IFSA American Championship (U.S. Qualifier to the WSM) and an international IFSA Grand Prix which will include the top six Americans (after four events) and six to eight invited IFSA pros which I hope will include Magnus Samuelson (Sweden), Jouko Ahola (Finland), Sven Karlsen (Norway), Berend Venenberg (Holland), Mark Philippi (USA) and Joe Onosai (Samoa)." More details as well as the entry form will be posted as soon as they become available.

Posted March 13, 1999

1999 York Barbell Strength Spectacular

Mark Challiet, one of the greatest deadlifters of all time and the first master to deadlift over 800 pounds with 830 pounds, called ASL to let us know some more details concerning the 1999 YBBSS. Mark will be in charge of all of the events of the weekend. As reported earlier, the IPA World Cup will take place on June 25th (Friday) and 26th (Saturday) with the lighter weights lifting on Friday and the heavier weights lifting on the following day. On Sunday morning there will be a American Armwrestling Association (AAA) sanctioned arm wrestling meet and the 2nd Annual Bob Hoffman Memorial Strongman Contest. More details and the entry form for the Strongman contest will be coming soon. On Sunday afternoon, a ceremony and acceptance speeches for three new inductees to the York Barbell Hall of Fame will take place. John Gamble, Hugh Cassidy and Mark Cameron are those three. Last year's inductees have been invited to attend as well. It looks like its going to be another great event. Don't miss it.

Also Mark Challiet announced that the IPA Seniors will be held in November at the York Barbell auditorium.

Mark Challiet also told us that things are going well for him. He is now working for York Barbell and has reluctantly closed down the famous Challiet's gym. Mark also told ASL that he has not ruled out the idea of reopening a gym in the not to distant future. Stay turned to see a full profile of Mark Challiet as an athlete and as an organizer.

Posted March 6, 1999

Helsinki Grand Prix

Well the results are in  A special thanks to Sami Koskinen and IronMind for providing the results. As expected, Jouko Ahola won it handedly. Sami Heinonen (Jouko's training partner) came in second. Janne Virtanen came in third. Juha Tuhkasaari (Jouko's other training partner) and WSM 98 Magnus Samuelsson came in fourth.
For the Americans....Sami reports that Gary was totally exhausted after the first event which he did not finish. I have no idea whether or not he competed in other events. I haven't talked to Gary yet. I have no idea what happened. As soon as I know, you'll know.
Phil Pfister came in sixth overall and came in first in the Viking Press for reps.
The injuries...Sami reports that Svend, Gary, Wout and Matti Uppa were hurt in one way or another.
Congrats to all of the participants. Looks to me like Jouko put out notice that he will not be beat this year.

The full results thanks to Sami Koskinen
IronMind Enterprises also has a write-up on the event as well

Posted March 3, 1999

More on Shannon Hartnett and the Mesa Games

Shannon Hartnett emailed ASL to say that she had "an excellent day." In addition to setting the Weight for Height World Record, she also set seven games records at this competition as well.

Vern Alexander won the 50+ overall category at the games as well and should have been mentioned with the other class winners below. ASL apologizes for this oversight.

Posted March 2, 1999

Shannon Hartnett and the Mesa Games

Shannon threw the 28# weight for height 18'-0.75" at the Women's World Championships in Mesa, Arizona to set a new World Record.

Mike Smith of Broken Arrow, OK won class A competition. Andy Kesinger of Gardner, KS won class B competition. Doug McDonald of Lenexa, KS won class B (lightweight) competition. Becky Scott of Kansas City, MO won Woman's Masters competition. Dave Duff of Colorado Springs, CO won Masters 45 to 50 class. More results are coming in. Stay tuned.

Posted February 27, 1999

Three to be inducted into the York Barbell Hall of Fame

Three new inductees have been announced to the York Barbell Hall of Fame in York, Pennsylvania. John Gamble, Hugh Cassidy and Mark Cameron are those three. You can see the induction on Sunday June 27th in the York Barbell auditorium. Last year's inductees have been invited to attend as well. The induction is the highlight of Mark Challiet of York Barbell's Strength Spectacular weekend which will also feature the IPA Powerlifting world cup, the Bob Hoffman Memorial Strongman Contest and the team tug of war.

Jouko Ahola-the massive monster

Rumors have been circulating that Jouko Ahola has gained 20 kilos (44 pounds) of muscle and plans on competing at about 295 pounds at Helsinki. In addition, Svend Karlsen is rumored to be well above 300 pounds. Juha, who was the under 210 pound class winner at the Strongest Man Alive Contest, is rumored to be in the 250 to 260 pound range.

Posted February 8, 1999

T minus one month

Gary Mitchell is entering the finishing stages of his preparation for the Helsinki Grand Prix on March 6. Gary is up to 305+ pounds and is hitting PR's in the gym as well as the events. If you so desire, you may send him emails care of ASLor post on the Diesel Power Forum to wish him good luck in representing America in the first international strongman contest of 1999.

Posted January 31, 1999

List of Strongman Contests

ASL has posted a list of all open invite strongman competitions that we have knowledge of on this page. ASL hopes that all webmasters with strength-related sites will post this information on their pages. It is requested that anyone who contacts any of the organizers tell ASL what they have learned about the contest so that this database may grow

Posted January 1, 1999

Helsinki Grand Prix update

The 1999 Helsinki Grand Prix will feature 1997 WSM Jouko Ahola, Matti Uppa (who was invited through the Finnish qualifier), Svend Karlsen, Wout Zijlstra, 1998 WSM Magnus Samuelsson, 1998 Strongest Man Alive-middle weight champion Juja Tuhkasaari, 1998 European Strongman Champion Riku Kiri and Gary Mitchell. The choice to represent America was between Gary Mitchell and Phil Pfister. The Helsinki Grand Prix will be held on March 6th, 1999. On the line will be a little over $5000 for first place and the prestige of beating a truly tough crop of competitors. The events are as follows: Loading, Crucifix hold, Wheelbarrow, the Stones, Conan's Wheel (i.e., the Basque circle) and the Viking Press which is an overhead lift on a Smith machine like apparatus.

Posted December 28, 1998


By now, just about everyone has heard of Ed Coan's truly amazing performance in Las Vegas at the USPF World Championships on December 20th. Ed totaled more than any man has ever totaled. Ed competed in the 110 kg. or 242 pound class. He weighed in at 108.8 kilos or a little over 239 pounds. He went nine for nine. (417.5-445-455 kilos in the squat) (242.5, 255, 260 kilos in the bench) and (370-392.5-402.5 kilos in the deadlift). Totalling a record breaking 1117.5 kilos or 2463 pounds. His lifts in pounds were as follows: (920, 981 and 1003 pounds in the squat) (529, 562 and 573 pounds in the bench press) and (815, 865 and 887 pounds in the deadlift). As an interesting aside, he chose to pull conventional and not sumo in this meet. From all accounts, including Herb Glossbrenner (source, the lifts were "clean", the squats were deep and a few even said that it looked like he had plenty left in him. American Strength Legends is sure that it speaks for all of us when we say congratulations. A better man this honor could not be bestowed upon.

For pictures and analysis of the world record breaking day, please visit the sites below:'s collection of pictures
Tony Cardella of's photo
Another great photo by Tony Cardella of
The offical meet results and a picture from

Posted December 24, 1998

Gary Mitchell is off to Helsinki

Good news for American strongman Gary Mitchell. He was notified of an early Christmas present. He has been invited to compete in the 1999 Helsinki Grand Prix in March. He will face defending champion Jouko Ahola and several others. It promises to be the best strongman event as far as who the competitors will be. Details are coming soon.

The scuttlebutt on this year's strongman circuit

This year's strongman circuit that the International Federation of Strength Athletes will put on will be unique. It will consist of about six contests. One of which will be in the middle east (probably Quatar). The competitors in the Grand Prix will remain the same throughout the various contests and will be ranked on a scoring system similar to that of NASCAR racing and the Winston Cup points race. First place will get a certain number of points and on down through the placings. The person with the most points at the end of the Grand Prix circuit wins the overall title. So, injuries and consistency will play a major role in the 1999 IFSA Grand Prix circuit. The Helsinki Grand Prix will not be part of the Grand Prix despite it's name.

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