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Project Progress 2005

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My Project Progress in 2005

The Object of this Web site was sold...It went to a good home with two other Altered Wheel Base 65's.

I have plans for my AFX 2, with a 65 Cornet body located...

Stay tuned for the second build.



finally in a garage I can work in!....project been sitting almost a year since I have been able to work on it....

afx11-12-052.jpg (517214 bytes)afx11-12-053.jpg (427825 bytes)afx11-12-054.jpg (534699 bytes)afx11-12-051.jpg (525403 bytes)


hemi 004.jpg (567402 bytes)hemi 003.jpg (532897 bytes)hemi 001.jpg (641148 bytes)hemi 002.jpg (597872 bytes)


Out of the body shop!...waiting for a professional welder to go over my welds...then paint

these welds looked much better till they got paint on them...and I kept going back over them...so they look worse than they probably actually are.


well it's been a while...a lot has happened, but not to the car!....January I dropped it off at the body shop...April, I had to grab it while no one was around...since the guy was getting evicted the next week....and the police were looking for him...as well as a bunch of pissed off customers he ripped off...like me...

So now onto the 2nd body shop...

here are some shots...the first quarter the ass hole fixed, had to be redone, because it was so warped!



The Real Hemi...Blower Here!....setting things up....spacers, brackets....how long the snout should be...etc



well progress has been slow...still at the body shop...the interior is not finished yet and the guy is going to a few shows...so that will mean another month...the front fenders, well one of the new molds the guy is making is done, and finishing up the second one...but I ordered these in September... My internet buddy Fran is building the blower...old school 6-71. I picked up 2 Crager intakes, one aluminum, one magnesium... Fran is also working on a custom injection plate of my own design...as well as a one inch spacer plate for the blower, so it will clear the magneto I picked up....

more ideas 2-22-05




Just got back from the body shop....things are finally getting started!
(these are from my cell phone camera...excuse the quality)



Jan 2005

also scored a Crager intake and Hilborn 4 hole hat!

Magnesium Crager Intake

Classical Hilborn Four Hole Hat

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