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Project Progress 2008

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Project Progress 2008

The Object of this Web site was sold...It went to a good home with two other Altered Wheel Base 65's.

I have plans for my AFX 2, with a 65 Cornet body located...

Stay tuned for the second build.



May 31, 2008 Well, I wheeled her out, cranked up on the tortion bars... and with a little help from some friends, rolled her into the tralor for now. I'll take a little break... Maybe train for a contest that is on July 5th in Kokomo In.


May 30th, 2008 Well, I had a mishap last night. I was finishing up the rear... axels and brakes. I screwed up one of the seals... so bad, I had to use the old one... so I will have to go back to that one again, because it will leak. Next, while jacking the rear up to put the wheels on, and... a creak a moan and a crash and the lights went out! The car fell off the front jack stands... or twisted off, and the car crashed down, cutting the drop light cord, shorting it and plunging me into darkness. With all the expletives I was yelling... my wife came running out (I guess to see if she needed to look for that Life Insurance Policy ;-), but she didn't hear me yell, it was the crash of the car. I was lucky, the only body damage I found so far was where the car, or rocker panel came to rest on a jack stand, but right on the bottom seam of the inner and outer panel... so hardly noticeable.



May, 18, 2008 Last night and this morning... thrashing on the rear. Disassembled everything, cleaned and painted... ordered new bearing seals (just realized I forgot to get or order a brake kit and new yoke straps). Put the new spring perchases in, new springs, nice clean rear, and installed the 3rd member. Next will be seals and install axels, brakes and wheels. I have decided to forgo new axels for now.


May 14th, 2008 Took Some photos... I think I finished the radiator hoses... flushed the fuel line, so that part is ready...and started to do the rear. Got the rear out and started contemplating ordering a whole new one! (Man, I'm getting Lazy!) Gotta pull off the old brakes (something else to buy) then unbolt the ends and hope the axels come out without too much trouble... then I need to decide if I will be narrowing the rear? I was contemplating cutting an inch out of each side... just so the wheels will fit better... is that silly? or just order new wheels? I will have to order new axels anyways...

My Hunt Mag Distributor should be coming back today... and the throttle cable should be here soon (I thought I had ordered it a few weeks ago, but I guess I didn't) so with gas in the tank, I should be ready to try and fire very soon!


Upper Rad. hose...


May 10th, 2008 No photos yet... I received the drive shaft, and tried to hook it up. I got scared when tried to slide it into place on the rear pinion yoke... the center unit I will be using has a larger yoke compared to the one that is currently in the car... So, doing the rear will be a must sooner than later to get  it under its own power.

Next, I ordered 2 new electric fans, 10 inchers, with the thought I could squeeze them in, off center, between the blower belt and the radiator... but... NOPE! I will have to figure something else out... since the future plan is to run A/C, since the car came with it from the factory. Also figuring out the radiator hoses... and the need for more temp. senders. I will need more senders for the fan thermostat and for the fuel injection. I have a Moroso fill adaptor that has more ports, and I will cap off the top. The one issue that I thought of was I wont be able to run a thermostat, but if I did, the sender(s) would be dry till the thermostat opened up... the only other way I can think of is to remove, drill and tap more sender holes in the water pump... but I'm not there yet.

Also, I had sent my Hunt Mag-Distributor back... they said that it had been dropped and needed a new pickup... but it also apparently got man handled by UPS, because the distributor cap was shattered upon arrival.


May 5th, 2008 Update

I have been knocking away... I have been delinquent on my updates.


Carb linkage, more lines and hoses


March 15, 2008

Got a couple more hours in. Got the dipstick in. I don't think I have ever had this much trouble getting one in like this one. The blower is bolted on. The belt is tight... Pulled the wire harness out... and started laying it out and plugging stuff in. Then I grabbed a carb I had laying around.. still in the box. I broke down and ordered a single carp adaptor plate for the blower. This way I can get it started... then figure out the fuel injection... but for the fun of it... I laid my Hilborn Hat, with the electronic injection of my own design...


March 9th, 2008

Slowly creeping.....



March 8, 2008

Got the headers loosely bolted on... and the starter motor... and the motor mounts are bolted down snug. I had to hit a couple of Hardware stores to find 1/4 20 x 3" stainless allen head bolts for the intake and some other stainless bolts for the motor mounts which also worked for the starter.



March 7, 2008

The new Flex plate made it in today... bolted it up... motor mounts (I had to trim more off the drier's side mount to clear the oil pump and the dip stick). Jacked up and bolted in the trani to the cross member... then hoisted the massive Hemi into place. With a little coercing... I bolted the trani to the block. Next will be to lift the motor up and slide in the headers.




March 5, 2008

I got lazy and didn't take any photos this past week.

  1. I found out how to adjust the door windows. I tried the drivers door... its a little better, but still wont seal.
  2. My trunk weather strip came in today... glued that it.
  3. My oil pan came in from Mancini Racing. It is a center sump. The hope was that the sump was further back than the stock pan. Well it was, but only by an inch or so. So, I had to cut the cross member under the motor mounts. I haven't decided if I am going to put one back or not.
  4. Next, I dusted off the motor, hooked the chains up, hoisted it and bolted it to an engine stand. Now I could rotate it and put the new pan and pickup on.
  5. Next, I started looking for the manifold bolts. I found all 16, but some are too short for the blower intake. Home Depot will hopefully have something.
  6. also started playing with the blower snout and the drive coupling... but that's another long story.

Cut Crossmember



Feb 25, 08

Rear windows... what a pain!




Feb 24, 08: Mock up... drilled the motor mounts... the last time the plastic one will ever go in... next for the real heavy metal! Oh yeah... I gotta order a rear sump pan... or a Super Stock pan... or, I could butcher the cross member.




Feb 23, 08

cleaned and buttoned up a few more things.



Feb 22, 08

Got to work a couple of hours last night... got the taillights in...reverse lights, painted the rear license plate bracket. Then I realized, one of the body shops that had my car, put the wrong lock tumbler in my box... so I will need a new trunk lock... which them made me think... where are my keys for this car anyways? So... I might need a whole lock set... great.

I also worked on the drivers door: got the mirror on, plugged the window motor back in, had to relocate the window switch... which meant cutting some holes in the door, and also got the mirror adjuster in the door.


Feb 19, 08

Assembly... cleaning... finding all the clips, screws, nut, bolts...etc...


Passenger side cleaning up...

New door panel


Feb 18, 08

Got more paint today, but I think I wont press my luck so far... Sami at Matto's was surprised that I hadn't had a adverse reaction with the strips... So, I am cleaning everything up... and starting to put everything back together...

Feb 17, 08

Got the white on... not happy. Then sprayed the blue stripes... ran out of paint! Someone doesn't want me to finish this thing right! Monday, I'll order more blue... and see about some clear. With the clear I can get a better flow out... and there will be room to wet sand and buff.

But otherwise, it looks good from 10ft!




Feb 12, 08

Well... started shooting the white... It was probably too cold... and I was in too much of a hurry... Dam... I hate wet sanding! I haven't taken any photos tonight... not sure if I want to... I will be sanding out a S&^T load of runs out tomorrow night.... and I'm not even going near the stripes yet....


Feb 11, 08

Got more primer today... forgot to mention I wanted it in the tan and not gray. Well, I got gray... and everything is covered!

Next will be to scuff down, and shoot the white!



Feb 9, 2008

Ran out of Primer!... On a Saturday night... figures.

I covered the back half, only a few glitches... which is pretty good for me. But I will need probably another gallon. I will need to put another coat on what I have done, plus the front half... Then I have the interior... trunk, roll cage, floor, inside doors, under front hood... probably re shoot the engine bay... I have a full gallon of white... but Me Thinks I should order a little more.






January 2008.... Time to get working again! I will hopefully be loosing my garage in a month or two... when we start construction on our new house.... So, immediate goals... get the car in paint... bolt on as much as possible... so there wont be as much to move!

Taping up... what a pain!


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