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Project Progress 2007

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My Project Progress in 2007

The Object of this Web site was sold...It went to a good home with two other Altered Wheel Base 65's.

I have plans for my AFX 2, with a 65 Cornet body located...

Stay tuned for the second build.


More mock up and fitting


Fender number 2!!!


Got my first Fender on!



It's ready to pick up!

It's a little hard getting in and out, perticularly with my size 13's and boots on... but comfy once inside...
Next, get the garage cleaned up, get out as much shit as possible and start preping for paint. Oh, and I still have to set up the front fenders... mount them up and stuff... then tape everything up and shoot! (I wish it was that easy)


The Cage is Looking Good!
Check out those welds!
(excuse these photos...they were from my cell phone)


went in for a fitting today... to fit the head support on the cage... should be ready by Wednesday! Now I have to let loose of some real dough



The car is at the chassis shop! Dropped it off Tuesday night and Wednesday morning they started on it!
First, rip out my cage!



Latest Up-Date!

Pulled her out of the mothballs!
My Brother-in-law and I loaded her up... and I took her over to Auto Fab in Elkton MD to get an estimate on the cage. Either fix what's there and finish, or tear it out and put in a new cage from scratch.... about 1000 dollars difference between cheeping out and doing it right with chrommolly... So I got on the waiting list... when my number comes up... we will see how deep I will reach into my wallet.

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